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Seedtag Acquires Supply-Side CTV Ad Platform Beachfront

Seedtag acquires Beachfront to enhance CTV advertising, combining expertise to deliver premium, privacy-focused ads.


Seedtag, a global contextual advertising brand, acquired Beachfront, a supply-side advertising platform specializing in CTV and streaming. This integration will merge Beachfront’s technology, inventory, and expertise in CTV advertising into Seedtag’s contextual advertising solutions, enhancing the ability to deliver privacy-focused advertising across multiple channels.

This acquisition follows Seedtag’s recent introduction of Contextual TV, a service that utilizes AI-driven network dynamics, deep consumer insights, and personalized creative content. This innovation empowers advertisers to craft more effective CTV strategies and execute high-performing, privacy-compliant campaigns. By integrating CTV signals like automated content recognition (ACR) and ad exposure data with contextual data from the open web, Seedtag facilitates precise audience targeting, customized creative content, and enhanced campaign performance.

“With the acquisition of Beachfront, we are incorporating a native platform into our stack, adding additional signals to our AI, and expanding our publisher partnerships.”

Seedtag acquires Beachfront to revolutionize its CTV advertising

Through this strategic acquisition, Seedtag and Beachfront will pool their expertise and resources to streamline supply paths, guaranteeing direct access to high-quality CTV inventory and providing value to advertisers. CTV and video publishers collaborating with Beachfront will benefit from improved access to Seedtag’s expansive demand partnerships and unique, cutting-edge contextual advertising solutions.

“With a decade of experience maximizing campaign effectiveness on the open web by leveraging contextual AI, Seedtag is now well-equipped to help brands, agencies and publishers navigate the challenges of CTV advertising,” said in the press release Jorge Poyatos, Co-CEO & Co-Founder at Seedtag. “With the acquisition of Beachfront, we will further enrich our unique Contextual TV solution by incorporating a native platform into our stack, adding additional signals to our AI, and expanding our publisher partnerships. This move aligns perfectly with our mission to create the most effective advertising technology for a privacy-first world, now also available on CTV.”

The CTV Advertising Ecosystem Has Undergone Significant Growth and Transformation

According to eMarketer, CTV ad spending is projected to exceed US $30 billion in 2024, a 22.4% increase from the $24.6 billion spent in 2023. Seedtag’s merger with Beachfront will enhance advertisers’ ability to comprehend audiences across various devices, enabling media buyers to create more targeted and impactful CTV advertising. Additionally, publishers will benefit from the distinctive opportunities provided by ad-supported streaming.

“The CTV advertising ecosystem has undergone significant growth and transformation in recent years. Beachfront has proudly served at the forefront of this industry-wide change, helping premium CTV media sellers to drive monetization and deliver exceptional viewer experiences,” said Chris Maccaro, CEO at Beachfront.

“As we have done on the open web, Seedtag is committed to bringing unique, innovative solutions to contextualizing CTV programming. The acquisition of Beachfront will help accelerate these efforts by combining access to direct premium supply with our proprietary approach to the creation of privacy-first audiences, creative and placement optimization, as well as insightful, action-oriented reporting and measurement,” said Brian Danzis, President, North America at Seedtag.

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