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Roku Introduces Roku TV Streaming Exchange, Integrated with Magnite SSP

Roku Exchange enhances TV streaming ad effectiveness with customized programmatic signals, benefiting various DSPs and advertisers.


Roku has introduced Roku Exchange, an innovative advertising technology designed specifically for TV streaming. This solution links high-quality ad inventory and advertiser demand, enhancing campaign effectiveness for clients.

By integrating Roku’s premium ad supply with identity data and AI-driven optimization, advertisers can boost their campaign performance. Additionally, the platform simplifies the process of purchasing Roku Media and TV streaming ad spots, making it more accessible to a broader range of buyers.

“Roku Exchange is the mediation layer that serves ads and enriches impressions, based on Roku data from tens of millions of streaming households,” said Louqman Parampath, VP of Product Management, Roku. “Engagement on the Roku platform represents around 50 percent of all time spent watching TV streaming in the U.S.  Democratizing access to Roku Media, which includes video and native ad formats across the ecosystem for all demand-side partners, brings better results for advertisers while also keeping the consumer’s experience best in class.”

What does Roku Exchange offer for streaming TV advertising?

To bridge the gap between supply and demand, TV streaming publishers require technology that utilizes distinctive data with flexibility and control. As the core supply hub within the Roku platform, Roku Exchange manages supply integrations, conducts fair auctions, and oversees ad decision-making. It is integrated with the Magnite supply-side platform (SSP) to connect to the broader programmatic ecosystem. Leveraging the power of millions of streaming households, Roku Exchange streamlines TV streaming advertising by offering:

With the capabilities of millions of streaming households, Roku Exchange offers for streaming TV advertising:

  • Audience-based ad decisioning on Roku Media ad placements, such as Marquee Ads on the home screen, shoppable Action Ads, engaging video ads, and branded buildings within Roku’s beloved screensaver, Roku City.
  • Robust programmatic access to TV streaming inventory and identity data, enabling advertisers to reach their audiences more accurately and precisely on Roku.
  • Rich content signals from the Roku Channel and other premium TV streaming publishers, providing transparent content, genre reporting, and optimization.
  • AI optimization to maximize audience engagement with content through personalized ad breaks and tailored ad creative campaigns.

TV Streaming for a Wide Range of Advertisers

The features within Roku Exchange have been integral to Roku’s advertising capabilities and are now enhanced to fit into the programmatic ecosystem. According to Roku’s announcement, this optimization allows for more efficient and effective advertising by connecting premium ad inventory with advertiser demand.

Demand-side platforms (DSPs) like The Trade Desk, Google Display & Video 360, and Yahoo DSP benefit from the customized programmatic signals sent by Roku Exchange, driving the success of Roku Media on their platforms. This customization opens the door to TV streaming for a wide range of advertisers, including mobile app downloads via Wurl, business-to-business campaigns through LinkedIn Campaign Manager, and locally targeted advertising initiatives via Madhive.

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