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According to a recent comScore study, online shoppers in Latin America were most likely to start the shopping process directly from a retailer’s website or via keyword search.

The comScore´s e-commerce study surveyed nearly 1,100 respondents in Latin America. It looked at online shopping and buying activity across Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela, as well as online travel behavior and mobile activity.
The study found that nearly 7 in 10 shoppers directly navigate to the retailer’s website, highlighting the importance of brand recognition and loyalty for retailers in the region. More than half of online shoppers (56 percent) said they typically begin the shopping process through keyword searches, while 36 percent started shopping via an online advertisement.

Key Points:

  • Local retailers’ websites are most preferred in Argentina, Brazil and Chile, while consumers in Mexico and Venezuela are more likely to prefer international retail sites.
  •  Online shoppers in Argentina are the most engaged in the region, with nearly half of Argentines performing shopping-related activities online almost daily.
  • Online spending was highest among respondents from Brazil and Venezuela.
  • Convenience ranked as the top reason consumers chose to shop online in Latin America, while security and privacy concerns were the top barriers to online shopping.
  • Among online shoppers in Latin America, 8 in 10 have searched the Internet for at least one travel-related product in the past three months.
  • Online shoppers in Brazil were more likely to begin their shopping process via comparison shopping sites and online ads compared to the rest of the region.
  • Peruvians were more likely to use social networks and offline ads to begin their process.

Question: How do you typically start your online shopping process? Select all that apply. (Among online shoppers)

Percent of Latin America Online Shoppers
Go directly to retailer’s website68%
Keyword search on a search engine56%
Through an online advertisement36%
Referral from friends/colleagues/family29%
Social network26%
Comparison shopping26%
Online Auctions26%
From offline advertising25%
Via coupon or promotion21
July 5, 2012 – July 12, 2012. Source: comScore 2012 Latin America E-commerce Study

Popular Online Shopping Products

Apparel & Accessories leads the ranking with 43 percent of Latin American online shoppers having purchased these items online between July and September 2012.
Computer electronics ranked second with 41 percent of online shoppers purchasing these items online, while 36 percent of shoppers purchased music, movies or videos. Appliances ranked as the fourth most popular purchased category (35 percent), while 1 in 3 consumers purchased computer hardware online.

Question: In the past 3 months, what items have you purchased online? Select all that apply. (Among online shoppers)

Percent of Latin America Online Shoppers
Apparel & accessories43%
Computer electronics41%
Music, movies or videos36%
Computer hardware33%
Entertainment tickets31%
Health & beauty care24%
Books and magazines24%
Sport & fitness15%
July 5, 2012 – July 12, 2012. Source: comScore 2012 Latin America E-commerce Study

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