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@Portada’s Evolving America Summit: MOBILE-Expect More Content Marketing and the need for better Data

The crucial role of Mobile Media in Multicultural Marketing was explored during a panel moderated by Alberto Pardo, CEO and Founder of Adsmovil at Portada's Evolving America Summit at Digital Hollywood.


The crucial role of Mobile Media in Multicultural Marketing was explored during a panel moderated by Alberto Pardo, CEO and Founder of Adsmovil at Portada’s Evolving America Summit at Digital Hollywood.

The high caliber panelists were Vanessa Vigil, Associate Director, OMD Entertainment, Howard Horowitz, President, Horowitz Research, Oscar Mendoza, Interactive Media Buyer, Acento Advertising, Brendan Gormley, VP, The Gary Group and Solomon Romano, Multicultural Marketing Strategy Director at WellPoint.

Mobile MarketingOMD Entertainment’s Vanessa Vigil, who works on many of Disney’s multicultural efforts,  noted that Hispanic mobile marketing efforts tend to reach substantially higher engagement rates (46%) than similar general market efforts (29%). She said that Social Targeting via YouTube (context and behavioural) does a good job in attracting multicultural audiences to Disney. “These efforts are a balance between targeting a niche and achieving scale, ” she said.

Horowitz Research’s Howard Horowitz noted that the rapidly changing demographic in the U.S. is really erasing all stereotypes on both the mainstream and the multicultural consumer. Wellpoint’s Solomon Romano said his company is advertising more on mobile and attempting to provide an increasing amount of access to customers on Mobile Media.

Acento’s Oscar Mendoza, who buys digital media for the Wells Fargo account, noted that he expects to see more mobile content marketing campaigns rather than coupon efforts in mobile media.  He also said that for mobile really to make an impact on multicultural consumers, brands really need to allocate more funds to mobile advertising across the board.  In addition, he said that it is important to have Spanish-language mobile sites when marketing to Spanish-dominant audiences as drop-off rates increase substantially when the go to English-language sites.The Gary Group’s Brendan Gormley, expects to use more rich-media across the board in 2015.

The need for better Data

Panelists agreed that there is a need for better audience data on mobile, which requires totally different collection of data compared to the desktop computer. Adsmovil’s Alberto Pardo noted that mobile CPC and CPM rates will increase once better data about mobile audiences is developed. “We are still in the early stages,” he noted. Related to the lack of accurate data is the difficulty of finding the optimal frequency in mobile advertising. “People forgot about frequency when the performance business was created,” Pardo concluded.

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