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#Portada15: Sport Property Sponsorship Boom and MLS Viewership Increase highlighted by Top Marketers


MODERATOR: Brian Cristiano, CEO, Bold Worldwide
MODERATOR: Brian Cristiano, CEO, Bold Worldwide

The first day of #Portada15 put together top Marketers, Media Executives and Influencers in Sports Marketing. The first session discussed Sports Properties. Brian Cristiano, CEO, Bold Worldwide opened the panel by saying that the amount of dollars invested in sports sponsorships has increased by 40% between 2010 and 2014 to approximately US $15 billion a year. Cristiano also highlighted the role Hispanics and soccer play in this growth story. As MLS is now the third league that is most watched in the U.S. (more than the NHL), while stadium attendance has increased to an average of 19,000 per match.

Pattie Falch, Director Sponsorships & Events, Heineken USA
Pattie Falch, Director Sponsorships & Events, Heineken USA

Pattie Falch, Director Sponsorships & Events, at Heineken USA whose company places substantial investments on soccer noted that to engage Hispanic and general market audiences through soccer content it is crucial to be authentic to the fans and to the sport. “It is important to give something back she noted.”

Jimmy McIntyre, Director of Consumer Marketing at Sports Endeavors’ and the largest soccer online retailer in the U.S. said that one key advantage of is that “the American consumer has the advantage of being able to watch all important soccer leagues in the world,” and that increases the awareness of soccer.

Russell Sargeant, Director, NBC Sports & Telemundo Global Sports Sales,  emphasized that it is important for brands to take the time to really study the sports audience.  He pointed out that in the past that has not always been done and that this behaviour drove results that could have been much better.

A new edition of the Hispanic Sports Marketing Form will take place on Sept. 21, 2016.

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