#Portada14: Programmatic Buying for Hispanics, What’s in it?

#Portada 14 attendees were very interested in a panel about programmatic media that was presented by Yahoo! Programmatic Media Buying which concentrates on buying audiences, rather than inventories, on a real time basis through electronically connected exchanges, is expected to surpass 50% of the digital display buying volume in the general market this year. Is this also the case for the Hispanic market?

Gina Mistro, National Account Director US Hispanic at Yahoo!, Karina Dobarro, VP Managing Director Multicultural Brand Strategy at Horizon Media and Guillermo Abud, VP Digital Director at MediaVest-MV42 Multicultural, provided answers to the above and other questions. The panelists agreed that as brands expand into programmatic buying in the general market, they also do so for the Hispanic segment. This is definitely what Horizon Media’s Karina Dobarro who buys media for brands including Burger King, Vonage, Capital One, is seeing.

Yahoo’s Gina Mistro, Horizon Media’s Karina Dobarro and MV42’s Guillermo Abud during #Portada14

MV42’s  Guillermo Abud noted that  “although receding, the main challenges for programmatic media buying’s progression in the U.S. Hispanic market are a relative lack of education in the Media and Marketing community abut the ins and outs of programmatic buying; lack of transparency; and difficulties in determining whether a targeted consumer is really Hispanic. Another relative obstacle, that if surpassed could make programmatic buys more efficient is that, according to Abud, “Very few brand marketers share their data. Maybe between 5% and 10%.”

Yahoo’s Gina Mistro said that the expansion of programmatic buying implies a changing role going forward for both media sales and agency executives. Media sales representatives will evolve more into a consulting and post-campaign analysis role.  While Agency executives will establish the parameters they provide to the media buying desks, and be less involved in the administrative aspects of the media buy.

What will be the next trend in programmatic media?

According to MV42’s Abud it will be “Addressable TV”. Adressable TV technologies allow advertisers to selectively segment TV audiences through cable, satellite and Internet Protocol television (IPTV) delivery systems and set-top boxes (STBs). This enables marketers to serve different ads or ad pods (groups of ads) within a common program or navigation screen. Segmentation can occur at geographic, demographic, behavioral and (in some cases) self-selected individual household levels.


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