Nexos Latinos, a quarterly magazine with approximately a one million circulation, was developed by Eclipse Marketing Services, Inc. following the creation of the company's Hispanic Division in the summer of 2009. The first issue was published in the fall of 2009 and distributed nationwide.

The publication, published by Eclipse Marketing, is a large-format, entertainment-style bilingual magazine with engaging and culturally-relevant stories that speak to Latino passions.

“The upcoming issue to be published in April covers one of the topics Latinos are most passionate about (or should I say fanatic about) the World Cup”, says Karen Habib, Director, Hispanic Marketing and Development at Eclipse Marketing.


Partnership with cable companies

The main aim of Nexos Latinos(tm) is a quarterly magazine dedicated to entertain as well as educate Hispanic audiences on a wide array of cable products, from Video On Demand and HD to High Speed Internet and digital phone. “We work with the cable companies on a local basis to customize the magazine for each market.” Each market has its own cable operator. Cable customers include Comcast and Time Warner Cable. The magazine is also printed independently in each market. The first issue had a page count of 16 pages. For the April issue Habib expects at least 20 pages. The magazine is open to third party advertising (other than cable companies).

“Local market customization involves customizing the pricing, packaging, features and benefits offered by a cable operator in a given market.  We can also mention local, community events in the magazine, as well as incorporate many of the cable company's branding elements.”



Nexos Latinos(tm) can either be mailed to Hispanic households, which is its predominant form of distribution, or inserted in local newspapers. “Our inaugural issue was inserted in such local newspapers as Viva Colorado in Denver and El Mundo in Las Vegas,” says Habib. She also tells Portada that in smaller markets or when there are budget constraints (direct mail is expensive) cable operators often find it easier to insert the magazine in Hispanic newspapers.

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