The company has successfully completed testing of its mobile advertising technology and integrated its platform with its mobile operator partners in preparation for its commercial launches in its first three Latin American markets: Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. All key components of the first-of-a-kind advertising solution have been tested internally by MyScreen, and its operator partners are now completing their own testing.

MyScreen's patent-pending technology delivers full-screen advertisements to the mobile phones of opt-in subscribers and provides them with rewards such as free services, special offers and discounts.

Based on recent data from the Mobile Marketing Association, the propensity for consumers in MyScreen's launch markets to sign up to receive mobile advertising is very high, Angelone said. These studies show 65% of all mobile phone users in Mexico, Brazil and Argentina are "moderately to highly" interested in mobile marketing, and 30% are "very likely" to opt-in to receive mobile marketing messages.


Portada Staff

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