Hispanic Big Data: “Our Responsibility is to Raise the Bar.”

The Data Marketing Forum was one of the highlights at PortadaLat. Key Agency and Media Experts explained why it is crucial to use Data Science for effective Multicultural Marketing.

Mebrulin Francisco, Partner Director Marketing Analytics at Group M Multicultural, stressed that the sentence “You have an accent so you know what you are doing,” does not work anymore in  Hispanic marketing. “It is our responsibility to raise the bar,” she added. “We are playing in the big kids sandbox,” Ana Crandell, Group Account  Director at OMD Multicultural noted that the use of Data Science is crucial for succesful Multicultural Marketing: “We are playing in the big kids sandbox now.”


We are playing in the big kids sandbox now.

Need to Develop Data Standards for Multicultural Marketing

The above cited panelists and Oscar Padilla, SVP of Marketing and Digital at Pulpo Media as well as Yamilet Bermudez, Media Operations Director at IPG Miami noted that the Multicultural Marketing sector is in clear need of a unified set of standards to use Data more effectively.

Watch  GroupM’s Mebrulin Francisco Defining Big Data at PortadaLat