LINKAGE: KFC, Total Market and Hispennial Expansion

A recap of major news on the marketing and media front from around the web compiled by Portada Digital Media Correspondent Susan Kuchinskas.

kfcKFC: Something in the Bucket for Everyone

A new TV campaign from the fast-chicken restaurateur makes visually explicit the notion that Hispanics are far from homogenous – even if family dinners are important to most. The KFC spot aims to deliver a one-size-does-not-fit-all message, according to Restaurant News. It’s extra-smart to acknowledge that even within a single family there may exist many different cultures and even ethnicities. The campaign is by Creative Alliance, the agency of record for KFC’s Hispanic network.

Total Market, Holistic or Multiculti: Success Stories from the Broadcasting & Cable/Multichannel News Hispanic TV Summit

Multichannel News provided a deep dive into the discussions and presentations at the Summit. Presenters remain divided about the need for multicultural agencies or agency desks, as well as whether the total market approach works. But there were plenty of success stories, from the NBA’s efforts to attract Hispanics to Sony’s use of Facebook to test creative and languages used to reach this audience.

No One Size for All Hispennials

This whole millennial thing has gotten out of hand. To hear some marketers tell it, they’re all the same: free-spending, constantly texting, socially progressive — and they looove those brands. As part of Advertising Week’s “Debunking the Millennial Myth” program, two execs from national marketing firm Pinta, Mike Valdes-Fauli and Joe Gutierrez, told the audience that Hispennials are more like Hispanics than millennials.

“Hispanic millennials also openly embrace pop culture and yet understand that associating with Hispanic roots is important, particularly when addressing one’s country of origin. Sixty-seven percent want to stand out and be recognized as Latino,” according to the Latin Post’s writeup.