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LINKAGE: DishLATINO’s Winning Streak and Mazola Helps Moms Keep It Real


Slippery brands get entertaining, enticing Hispanic consumers to pay attention.

Havas Goes Faux for DishLATINO

streakerTo excite Hispanic consumers about subscribing to DishLATINO, Havas tapped Mexican TV actor and comedian, Eugenio Derbez for a new spot called Streaker. It eased the campaign by “leaking” what looked like a cellphone video showing someone streaking at a soccer game.

According to the agency, “The leaked video garnered 2 million views in less than 36 hours—all from fans surmising whether the streaker was real or fake, trying to guess his identity, and even blaming soccer security guards for letting the fan storm the field in his birthday suit.”

The end of the Streaker video directs viewers to a “choose-your-own adventure” on the Dish site. Havas also created newspaper wraps for in key Latino markets; the wraps purported to be from fictional tabloid site Scandal seekers who went to the URL were redirected to a landing page on DishLATINO. And … there are even more components to this campaign. Read about the rest of them on Yahoo News.

Mazola Taps Professor and Bloggers

photo: Miami Mommy Savings
photo: Miami Mommy Savings

ACH Food Companies, owner of the Mazola corn oil brand, teamed with Latina Mom Bloggers and Florida State University for a digital influencer event in Miami. ACH and the blog network funded a study by Dr. Sindy Chapa, Associate Director for Florida State University’s Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication, finding that 80 percent of Latina mothers believe in keeping to authentic ingredients – like Mazola. The event featured celebrity chef and author Ingrid Hoffmann. The event generated social media coverage, while a sponsored campaign enticed bloggers including Miami Mommy Savings wrote posts featuring the event – and Mazola.

Spanish TV Booms while Mainstream Channels Weep

Mainstream television channels in the United States are suffering declining ad sales and weakening viewership, as younger folks go over the top and ignore professionally produced content in favor of YouTube, Vimeo and the rest. On the other hand, viewers are more than willing to watch appointment TV shows like telenovelas or Liga MX football, according to the Financial Times. Maybe that’s why, in the first two months of 2015, ad spending at Univision and Telemundo rose 11 per cent, while total TV ad bookings fell by 12 percent.

Tono Studio Finds Niche in Nuance

Pundits keep admonishing marketers that their Hispanic-aimed ads must be authentic – and sometimes that authenticity comes down to very nitpicky stuff. A case in point is Tono Studio, the Los Angeles commercial audio company that helps advertisers with every aspect of sound design for a spot, from casting to sound design. A profile in the New York Times explains how Tono can capture a Spanish-speaker’s laugh or make sure that a dog’s bark sounds just right to a Hispanic ear. The studio’s latest focus is bringing that same authenticity to Spanglish.

Sponsored Mobile App Aids SMBs

The Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce released an app for small businesses. Wells Fargo underwrote the mobile app, which aims to provide Hispanic SMBs with will provide business development opportunities, education, and connectivity.

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