Learn How L’Oreal is Revolutionizing Content Marketing at PortadaLat!

Patricia Aragon, Digital Marketing Manager L’Oreal and the leader of the beauty giant’s ’content marketing in Spanish-speaking Latin America is the latest addition to a long list of major brand marketers participating at #PortadaLat in Miami’s Hyatt Regency Hotel on June 8 and 9. #PortadaLat in Miami’s Hyatt Regency Hotel on June 8 and 9. Aragon will provide an-in-depth presentation into how L’Oreal has revolutionized its content marketing.

L’Oreal’s Aragon has led a profound transformation in the way L’Oreal organizes and implements its content marketing, which also has important implications for its paid media efforts.

#PortadaLat Attendees will be able to get first hand information and intelligence on the below:

  • How L’Oreal adapted its organizational structure to develop more efficient content marketing strategies
  • Content is scalable throughout the Americas and still locally relevant
  • The latest in content amplification
  • How Loreal’s paid media efforts relate to content marketing
  • L’Oreal’s new integrated off-line and online media measurement system.