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Latin Interactive World: “It is challenging to promote RTB in Latin Markets” M. Tesler – CEO MetaNetwork

Portada interviewed MetanNetwork’s CEO Mariano Tesler, on the development of programmatic purchase on the Latin America region. In this sense; Mariano said that "He expects LatAm to reach a 40% sale of digital advertising through RTB and the US by 2015.”


mariano.teslerProgrammatic Buying and Real Time Bidding Technologies (RTB) are expanding rapidly in the U.S. and Europe, but to what extent is that true in the U.S. Hispanic market and Latin America? Portada interviewed MetaNetwork’s CEO Mariano Tesler, on the development of programmatic buying in the Latin America region. In this sense; Mariano said that “He expects LatAm to reach a 40% sale of digital advertising through RTB and the US by 2015.”

Translated by Celeste Martorana.

Foto: David Asch. Creative Commons.
Foto: David Asch. Creative Commons.

Portada: What do you think is the main benefit of buying media through RTB?

Mariano Tesler: “The main benefit for the advertiser is that RTB is a proactive technology, which allows making the best decisions in real-time according to the information available and an optimization process can be started before serving the first impression. More importantly, the RTB is completely transparent and safe because it allows us to analyze the content of the page before serving the ad. Our platform also provides URL level reports, which let the advertiser know where each ad was served. The main advantage for the publisher is to have another form of monetization based on technology, which allows the publisher to complement it with other sales channels. It is also a channel of access to small and medium advertisers who self-manage their own campaigns through our platform and they would not reach the publisher inventory if it weren’t for the RTB.”

Portada: Which are the challenges RTB comes across in the Latin America region?

Mariano Tesler: “The main challenge is to effectively promote the technology and show the benefits that RTB has for both advertisers and publishers. This was a great year where we made very good progress, making big brands to invest their budgets in RTB. RTB represents today in US more than 40% of online ad spending; our goal is to match that percentage in Latin America for 2015.”

What do you think of ad exchanges? What do you think is missing for them to operate to a greater extent in the region?

Mariano Tesler: “I think ad-exchanges had a transformation over the past two years which put the emphasis on building cleaner ecosystems and developing more effective tools for transparency and quality for both inventory and creatives. I believe that what was needed for them to operate to a greater extent  in the region is that we give more publicity to the advantages this new technology has and which in turn advertisers and publishers venture out of the mold and see how they can work together their business with these trends that already lead developed countries’ markets.”

How is MetaNetwork created?
“Meta Network is a company that was started in Israel in 2007 by Alberto Esquenazi and myself, and from there we developed 100% of our technology along with our R & D team. From the beginning, we saw great potential in the Latin American market. That is the  reason why we opened our operations center in Argentina in 2009. We also have representatives in Mexico and  the United States. In total, we are a team of 25 people. We have inventory and data in all countries of Latin America.”

Are you planning to expand to other markets in Latin America? If so, do you have any particular strategy, goals or objectives?
“Our plan for 2014 is to expand our operations in Latam, increasing our presence in Mexico and expanding into Colombia, Chile and Brazil. Our strategy is directed to generate tools for small and medium advertisers in order to facilitate their transition to online universe. Our next year goal is to impose as an integral display, video and mobile platform (Addoox) self-manageable for SMEs, which encompasses all aspects of online marketing.”

Mariano Tesler is an online marketing veteran. Since 1998, he has held different positions always related to the Internet world both in Argentina and in Israel, where he lived for 11 years. He holds a BA in music and psychology from the University of Bar Ilan. Currently, he actively participates in lectures and presentations from industry as the IAB and collaborates with various departments of marketing of different universities in Latin America. Mariano lives in Buenos Aires with his wife and four daughters. “MetaNetwork developed Addoox, its’ RTB platform for digital media buying (DSP). According to MetaNetwork‘s CEO, this platform “is the first with its own technology in Latin America and focused on transparency and Brand Safety”. “It gives us access to 12 billion daily impressions and the platform supports Standard Display formats, Video and Mobile,” Says Mariano. The company has data centers (3 in US, 2 in Europe and 1 in Asia).”

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