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L2L and Digo Announce Alliance To Provide One-stop Shop Services To Companies Targeting Diverse Segments

L2L, and Digo consolidated their strategic marketing and communications services with the support of their digital platforms.


To address the specific demands of the digitally engaged Hispanics, Latin2Latin Marketing + Communications (L2L), and Digo Hispanic Media Group (Digo), announced their alliance and partnership, consolidating strategic marketing and communications services with the support of their digital proprietary platforms and artificial intelligence to meet the needs of this hyper growth segment. Together, they are determined to position their alliance as the premier one-stop shop for companies looking to reach market segmentation through non-traditional media.

According to eMarketer, US Hispanic digital buyers are projected to reach 40.2 million or 75.2% of the US Hispanic population by 2025. The US Hispanic market has a purchasing power of 2T dollars and is the fastest growing segment projected to reach 71 million or 20% of the total US population by 2025.

Digital and programmatic marketing continue to strengthen, shifting how companies advertise and create campaigns utilizing market segmentation. The use of AI is playing a significant role in this sector that is continuously looking for advanced technological options to communicate with the public. The use of AI in marketing also improves the customer experience by gaining insight into ideal target audiences.

L2L has a 15-year trajectory establishing itself as a global marketing firm by creating award-winning concepts and unique strategic solutions for a renowned and pristine clientele to accelerate market growth and brand positioning. L2L continues to lead the industry with the announcement of their partnership with Digo, utilizing cookie-less technology to impact clients and the future of their businesses through the exploration of Digo’s powerful and rich first-party data to spark data connectivity and addressability.

Arminda Figueroa, CEO & Founder of Latin2Latin Marketing, and Augusto Romano, CEO of Digo Hispanic Media.

A successful example of the alliance between L2L/Digo is their recent collaboration for the campaign Vacunate Kansas, Por Los Nuestros. L2L was chosen from a national agency search to partner with the State of Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) for the COVID-19 Vaccine Outreach Campaign nine months ago. Digo boosted the initiative by using first-party data, third-party data, and proprietary AI technology targeted to specific audiences using “Digital Personas”.

This alliance allowed L2L to target unvaccinated Hispanics outside of traditional DMA’s and target rural Kansas where most vulnerable Hispanics to Covid 19 resided. By January 2022, 184,000 Hispanics were vaccinated, not only by changing behavior but debunking myths towards Covid 19.  Hispanics in Kansas now represents 56% lead in vaccination rates among all Kansans.

“Our experience working together with Digo has transcended client expectations as we continue to build culturally relevant solutions for our national and global clients to help them connect with their communities and expand markets. We decided to unite our efforts and platforms officially as one, as thought-provocateurs strategists, growth accelerators, marketing connectors and award-winning storytellers to meet the ever-shifting needs of our client-partners and establish them as industry leaders,” affirmed Arminda “Mindy” Figueroa, CEO & Founder of Latin2Latin Marketing.

“Programmatic is here to stay and we can enable any campaign with powerful tools for programmatic buying, taking the digital strategy to new heights. We leverage our premium content to offer brands the opportunity to reach and connect with a True Premium U.S. Hispanic Audience through a culturally relevant and reliable network that’s publisher-owned and operated by the largest media groups in the Caribbean region, GFR Media of Puerto Rico, and Corripio Media Group of the Dominican Republic along with their leadership and partnerships in LATAM to access their publishing networks in the US. Our L2L/Digo union positions us as a powerful and premier solution to our client and business partners who want to connect with a specific market and do not have the tools or direct access to do so. As a source of the True Premium U.S. Hispanic Audience, we provide our clients with the reach and targeted solutions for all the different U.S. Hispanic segments and beyond. We have developed a risk-free Publisher centric model that offers more value and better monetization of our affiliates’ U.S. inventory,” noted Augusto Romano, CEO of Digo Hispanic Media.

The L2L/Digo Team has recently launched campaigns with clients in Florida, Arizona, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic in breakthrough medical device, consumer products, government initiatives and political candidacy for Governor’s office in the Southwest.


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