KELLOGG’S JON SUAREZ-DAVIS: “The Opportunity is to Understand Human Behavior Much Better than We Ever Have” (VIDEO)

Jon Suarez-Davis is VP global media and digital strategy at Kellogg Company. In this role, he is responsible for global media strategy, including the U.S. Hispanic and Latin American markets, and all forms of digital marketing – consumer and shopper. Suarez is going to be one of the major speakers at our #Portadalat events in Miami on June 3 – 4. Check out the video of our Interview with Suarez Davis below!

Key Insights

  • “The opportunity marketers face is to understand human behaviour much better than we ever have. Grasp the opportunities that are truly meaningful and deliver experiences throughout the path of purchase. It’s a dynamic and also daunting time to be a marketer.”
  • “Latin America is undergoing demographic explosion in several markets. Many of its markets are adapting technology at a very rapid clip.”
  • “There are two areas of disruption. From my perspective. Two major things. First, fragmentation of media. We are seeing hyper media fragmentation across traditional media broadcast, TV  as well as online channels. That fragmentation is both a barrier as well as an opportunity for marketers. The second area of disruption are consumer Expectations for brands. Consumer Expectations are rising. Consumer want to know more about the brands they are buying, what they stand for, where the goods are produced etc. On both these areas of disruption the key is to truly understand the need of the consumer and deliver.”
  • “Brazil is leading the way in online usage upwards of 6-8 hours online a day. It’s exciting for marketers to see how consumers are adapting technology and device specific components at a very rapid pace.”
  • “The world of consumer packaged goods is quite crowded and highly competitive. How we distinguish ourselves is through our brands. Understanding the diversity in a very high dynamic region like Latin America is critical for us.”Tickets to #Portadalat are going fast! Register here!