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HYPERLOCAL DIGITAL STRATEGIES: When Doing Targeted Campaigns, Keep an Eye on How All Consumers Respond

In the second article of our new series on Hyperlocal Digital Strategies presented by MAXPOINT, we analyze a campaign of a Fast Food brand targeting African Americans with digital promotions. One key insight is that it is very important to keep in mind that consumers outside of the targeted profile can also drive high response rates.


In the second article of our new series on Hyperlocal Digital Strategies presented by MAXPOINT, we analyze a campaign of a fast food brand targeting African Americans with digital promotions. One key insight is that it is very important to keep in mind that consumers outside of the targeted profile can also drive high response rates.

2013 ChallengesWhen your goal is to drive awareness among specific consumers, it’s also important to continuously learn from how all consumers respond to your campaign. When MAXPOINT helped a major fast food brand increase regional awareness among African Americans in Baltimore and Washington, DC, the company learned that consumers outside this profile could also drive high response rates.

Objectives of the Campaign:

  • Drive awareness of menu promotions among African Americans in Baltimore and Washington, DC
  • Lift ad engagement rate among fast food consumers in Baltimore and Washington, DC
  • Acquire consumer insights to guide future regional marketing

MAXPOINT’S strategy for reaching these consumers involved:

  • Finding neighborhoods of African American consumers with a history of buying fast food
  • Focusing on only the neighborhoods near the fast food brand’s franchises in Baltimore and Washington, DC
  • Reaching these interested neighborhoods with menu promotions
  • Rotating the multicultural ad creative every four weeks to keep the brand’s messaging fresh for the consumers the brand needed to reach
  • Measuring consumer response to these digital promotions to inform future marketing strategy

MaxPoint optimized the campaign by focusing on neighborhoods showing the highest response rates.

Taking Advantage of New Customer Insights

At the same time, MAXPOINT’S platform drew new insights from high-responding neighborhoods throughout the campaign’s regions. Besides the intended consumers, white, non-Hispanic adults also responded to the digital promotions in high numbers. Among all consumers, ad responders proved willing to travel up to 10 miles to reach the fast food brand’s franchises and tended to have household income between $60,000 and $80,000. These new insights helped MAXPOINT refocus its strategy to reach ready consumers across demographics and within the ideal radius. By taking advantage of this mid-campaign analysis and optimization, MAXPOINT saw a 44% higher ad response rate over the course of the campaign. The fast food brand also gained a larger and deeper understanding of its top customers in these regions—invaluable insight for future marketing efforts.

Learn more about Hyperlocal Digital Strategies in our April 23 WEBINAR: The New Multicultural: Hyperlocal Digital Strategies for National Advertisers.

Analyzing Response for Greater Results

Agility drove a big win for the fast food brand. By responding quickly to the deeper insights that MAXPOINT’s technology revealed, the fast food brand created higher awareness among its top consumers in the near term and richer customer understanding to guide long-term strategy.

Responder Profile

  • African American and white, non-Hispanic adults
  • Regular buyers of fast food
  • Living within 10 miles of franchise locations

This series of articles about Hyperlocal Digital Strategies is brought to you by MAXPOINT. The prior article published was How “Mobilecultural” Advertising Can Make or Break a Campaign. Four additional targeted articles will be published every other Thursday. MaxPoint provides a leading business intelligence and digital marketing solution that enables national brands to drive local, in-store sales. The company’s proprietary Digital Zip® technology and the MaxPoint Intelligence Platform predict the most likely local buyers of a specific product at a particular retail location and then execute cross-channel digital marketing campaigns to reach these buyers. MaxPoint has worked with each of the top 20 leading national advertisers and each of the top 10 advertising agencies in the United States as ranked by Advertising Age. For more information, visit, follow MaxPoint on Twitter @maxpoint_int, and subscribe to the OnPoint Blog.

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