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HYPERLOCAL DIGITAL STRATEGIES: How a Dental Brand Builds National Awareness among Hispanic Females

In the fourth article of our series on Hyperlocal Digital Strategies presented by MAXPOINT. We analyze a campaign MAXPOINT did for a dental brand targeting Hispanic women nationwide.


In the fourth article of our series on Hyperlocal Digital Strategies presented by MaxPoint, we analyze a campaign MaxPoint did for a dental brand targeting Hispanic women nationwide.

Marketing strategies succeed by finding consumer demand and then meeting this demand with the right messaging. So when a dental products brand wanted to build national awareness among Hispanic women, it engaged MaxPoint to create an effective strategy.

Campaign Goals

  • Build national brand awareness among Hispanic women
  • Engage new customers with pre-roll video ads
  • Gain consumer insights to inform future regional marketing

Combining Data Sources to Find the Right Consumers

The key to MaxPoint’s strategy was finding neighborhoods of Hispanic consumers most likely to purchase the brand’s dental products. Using MaxPoint’s Digital Zip® technology, neighborhoods across the nation that over-index for Hispanic consumers were identified. The purchase data from these neighborhoods was analyzed in order to locate Hispanic shoppers with a history of buying dental products. To further refine the consumer profile, MaxPoint also used CDC data to discover neighborhoods of Hispanic women who had recently visited the dentist. This analysis provided a rich consumer profile to guide the advertising strategy. Using this profile, the brand connected with Hispanic shoppers across the nation using pre-roll video ads describing the benefits of toothpaste for sensitive teeth. To maximize the reach of the dental brand’s advertising, the pre-roll video ads appeared on both Spanish-and English-language sites.

Deepening Consumer Insight to Guide Future Marketing

MaxPoint’s approach drove a big win for the dental brand’s pre-roll video ads, achieving a video completion rate that was 12% higher than the industry average. In addition, the platform also revealed new insights about the top responders:

  • The multicultural video ads saw high response rates from white, non-Hispanic consumers as well as Hispanic women.
  • Top responders to the video ads had household income between $40,000 and $80,000.
  • The most popular place for these consumers to purchase dental products is at grocery stores.

With this deeper insight into its top customers, the dental products brand now has a powerful foundation for its future campaigns.

Learn more about Hyperlocal Digital Strategies in our April 23 WEBINAR: The New Multicultural: Hyperlocal Digital Strategies for National Advertisers.

Reaching the Right Consumers with the Right Data

When advertising to a specific group of multicultural consumers, drawing data from diverse sources gives your strategy a powerful edge. By reaching and engaging the right Hispanic consumers, MaxPoint helped the dental products brand acquire deeper insight into its customers to fuel future outreach.

This series of articles about Hyperlocal Digital Strategies is brought to you by MAXPOINT. The prior three articles published were:

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– When Doing Targeted Campaigns, Keep an Eye on How All Consumers Respond
– Embracing the Total Market Approach with Hyperlocal Intelligence

Two additional articles will be published on Thursday, April 16, and on Thursday April 23. 

MaxPoint provides a leading business intelligence and digital marketing solution that enables national brands to drive local, in-store sales. The company’s proprietary Digital Zip® technology and the MaxPoint Intelligence Platform predict the most likely local buyers of a specific product at a particular retail location and then execute cross-channel digital marketing campaigns to reach these buyers. MaxPoint has worked with each of the top 20 leading national advertisers and each of the top 10 advertising agencies in the United States as ranked by Advertising Age. For more information, visit, follow MaxPoint on Twitter @maxpoint_int, and subscribe to the OnPoint Blog.

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