Hyperlocal Digital Strategies: DOWNLOAD The Multicultural Marketing Field Guide

In the last post of our series on Hyperlocal Digital Strategies presented by MAXPOINT, we introduce The Multicultural Marketing Field Guide, an e-book where experts discuss the key trends and strategies for today’s advertisers.

MaxPoint’s The Multicultural Marketing Field Guide is aimed to help marketers keep up with the multicultural marketing landscape. That is why the document includes advice, perspectives, and strategies from experts on topics like effective digital advertising tactics, how to account for cultural nuance, and marketing measurement.

It was distributed to attendees of the recent webinar, The New Multicultural: Hyperlocal Digital Strategies for National Advertisers.

The contributors to the The Multicultural Marketing Field Guide are:

  • Marcos Baer, Publisher, Portada
  • Gonzalo del Fa, President, GroupM Multicultural
  • Susan Lee, VP Corporate Development, MaxPoint
  • Lee Van, CEO, Captura Group
  • Solomon Romano, Marketing Strategy Director, Anthem, Inc.
  • Yousef Kattan Fernández, President/CEO, Tru Multicultural
  • Jose R. Villa, President, Sensis

Download the e-book!

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