Google Glass has not yet been released and sales of 30 million units are expected in the first year after the launch in the U.S. alone. How will this new Google platform impact advertising?

Traslated by : Celeste Martorana Glass is a platform that works across applications as mobile media does, the difference is that it is “hands-free” and is directed by  voice commands. By just saying “Ok Glass” the device starts operating and one can record videos, transmit them “live” online, take pictures and whatever one can imagine to be done through applications.

Univision has recently published that a sexual app is already being developed. In addition, Tourist’s apps are also being developed, where information on what you are viewing at the time you are viewing it is provided.

So, does the way to do advertising change?
Google has developed these glasses as devices where users reactions can be  measured through their pupils. A tracking sensor can gather data on the outcome of advertising through users dilated eyes at the time they see or hear the advertisement. Pupil’s size increment or retraction would be providing positive or negative result towards an advertisement.

But not only through this dilated eye sensor does Google plan to sell advertising contained in its glasses. Advertisers may obtain data on how many times a particular ad was seen by a user, for how long, and through which media platforms.

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