Fabiola Velarde, CH Carolina Herrera’s US Managing Director, to Discuss Fashion Marketing at #PortadaNY

What: Fabiola Velarde, U.S. Managing Director at CH Carolina Herrera, will take the stage at #PortadaNY for a talk on fashion marketing. Get tickets!
Why it matters: Lifestyle brands are an interesting category to look at from the marketing perspective, and even more so when a brand uses multicultural insights to reach consumers.

Fashion marketing is a very interesting and particular field of marketing, as it closely communicates with the art of fashion design. Marketing is important in the field because it’s in charge of improving the designers’ creative process by helping them understand the consumer’s needs. Just like in other fields, fashion marketing is supposed to create emotional responses that convert into sales, and while designers are the ones who know how to create the work of art, it’s up to the marketers to find out which kind of art consumers are exactly looking for, and how they want it to be sold to them.

The fashion marketer is essential to understand the impact of fashion trends in business. Perhaps no other industry is as fast-paced as the fashion industry, which moves in very short cycles and forces marketers to continually come up with creative ways to advertise new products. If done well, fashion marketing balances the creative side of fashion with consumers’ needs.

This is the topic that Fabiola Velarde, U.S. Managing Director at CH Carolina Herrera for 12 years, will discuss at #PortadaNY on September 25. Right after a keynote interview on brand safety, Velarde will address attendees and explore the ways fashion marketing is evolving as the U.S. becomes increasingly multicultural. Why and how does a major lifestyle brand like CH use multicultural insights to market to the U.S. consumer? To get answers and learn more about the relationship between fashion and marketing, get your tickets to Portada New York now!