Experian Simmons DataStreamSM launches for advertising effectiveness measurement

Experian Simmons SM announced the launch of Experian Simmons DataStreamSM, a service delivering weekly insights into consumer trends to enable advertisers, agencies and media companies to closely monitor market conditions, evaluate advertising effectiveness and demonstrate marketing accountability.

Experian Simmons DataStream is a syndicated service that allows marketers to measure and evaluate advertising effectiveness by providing weekly tracking of approximately 40,000 consumer variables from the Simmons National Consumer Study, including an extensive range of brands, media properties and consumer attitudes. In addition to weekly tracking, it also includes two full years of historical data. This new offering expands Experian Marketing Services’ portfolio for delivering in breed data, analytics and platforms to help marketers target and engage consumers.

Asked by Portada about the Hispanic component of this new product, John Fetto, Senior Marketing Manager at Experian Simmons said: “The product draws sample directly from our National Consumer Study/National Hispanic Consumer Study, which includes an oversample of Hispanic consumers including surveys conducted in both Spanish and English. The survey also includes specific questions related to language preference and usage of Spanish-language media. All of this data is streamed into Simmons DataStream each week providing weekly insights into Hispanic and general market consumer trends and behaviors.”

“Companies spend a lot of time and money to understand and measure the success of their advertising campaigns or, in the case of media companies, to demonstrate marketing accountability to advertisers,” said Ken Wollenberg, general manager of Experian Simmons. “We’re excited to provide our clients with the information they need to make even better marketing decisions leveraging the campaign measurement and detailed tracking capabilities in Experian Simmons DataStream.”

Major media companies and advertising agencies already have signed on to use Experian Simmons DataStream, including Univision Communications.

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