What: David Lawenda has just joined Facebook as VP, Global Sales, US.
Why is it important: According to Carolyn Everson, to whom Lawenda will be reporting, he has a deep understanding of how to build brands and drive ROI for brands and agencies, crucial skills to lead marketing relationships on behalf of Facebook.

David Lawenda

David Lawenda has joined Facebook as VP, Global Sales, US, and will be reporting to Carolyn Everson within the Global Marketing Solutions team. Lawenda is now the leader of the US sales team at Facebook, overseeing sales and marketing relationships with the leading brands and agencies in the country. 

Lawenda, a Georgetown University graduate, began his career at DDB Needham. Before joining Facebook he worked at Univision, where he led sales and marketing for all of the broadcaster’s media assets, as well as Viacom, where he helped launch and brand both SpikeTV and UPN. In his statement of joining Facebook, Lawenda said: “From the people, to the platform, to the mission of connecting the world, I feel privileged to join and lead the US team.”

Carolyn Everson said that “David […] rebranded and launched networks while at Viacom and changed the way marketers thought about Univision as it moved from a multicultural/Spanish-language marketing tactic to a key marketing partner for some of the largest brands in the world. Throughout his career he’s not only managed and led, but he’s brought an entrepreneurial spirit and sense of evangelism to his teams and companies. He knows how to roll up his sleeves and inspire his team, and he’s worked closely with the best marketers and agencies across the US.”

We intend to help every marketer use the power of Facebook to drive their business in the years ahead. As media consumption continues to shift to digital, and consumers recognize mobile as the first screen, our team will support clients in redefining how they market on these platforms.

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