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Curious Casino Marketing Methods in Latin America


Latin America is a region that stands out thanks to its imagination, creativity, and colorful tropes. These features are present in everything from their architecture to the customs and celebrations. Latin Americans have always been in the spotlight regarding their hot blood and passion. Their intense love of sport, especially futbol, is an important part of the culture. It's no surprise that this love of sport also extends to love of gambling. Advertising the casino and sportsbook industry has become quite creative in the past years. Adrenaline and luck-based games may seem to attract customers on their own, but the advertisements are the real drivers of traffic. Today dear readers, let's look at some creative ways casinos advertise themselves in the region and the countries in which the gambling business booms.

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Curious Casino Marketing Methods in Latin America

Advertising is a business first and foremost. The market for advertising in the casino industry in Latin America is particularly crowded. This has led to interesting creative endeavors to advertise different brands. In a crowded market, individual advertisers must seek the uncommon and creative to draw users.

The Traditional Tactics

Sports sponsorship is probably one of the most traditional advertising methods worldwide. It's not uncommon to find casinos and online gambling sites sponsoring teams or events. Some countries have banned gambling ads in public sports events. Spain's case is the most prominent one but the truth is that most Latin American countries don't prohibit this kind of publicity. Colorful T-Shirts, ads mid-game, and creative mottos in broadcast are some of the most used methods for teams to show the brands that are sponsoring.

Online Presence

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In recent years, the tremendous growth of online life has shifted the focus from physical publicity to online advertisement of casinos on social media. This evolution has brought excellent incomes for casinos and creative or curious online ads. Traditional ads featuring a simple game of poker, warriors fighting enemies while the slots turn, or the roulette spins, are some of the most imaginative ways casinos have found to advertise themselves.

Social Interaction

While not as common as the other two methods, some casinos and booking venues have hosted or participated in social events. Promotions in malls are a way of letting their benefits and offers get known. In Colombia, a recent advertisement campaign in social events for a local casino venue raised the host's patrons by almost 30% following a weekend of social interaction in a mall. 

Online Sponsorship

Another leg in the marketing stool, arguably the most prominent one in recent years, is online sponsorship. Sponsorship of videos and events has become a staple of gambling businesses, especially in Latin America. Big and small content creators are seen sponsoring gambling apps or web pages and other kinds of products. One of the downsides of this type of marketing is the level of access younger audiences have, as content creators tend to be extremely popular with teenagers and adolescents.


The final step in the marketing journey is the biggest attraction of online casino apps and venues for many analysts. Most online casinos and apps offer many different kinds of rewards and bonuses to new and old users. These rewards are usually in the form of a credit on their account's balance so that they can gamble without risking their own money. Some bonuses can go up to hundreds of dollars, so it's no wonder that this is the biggest lure in the gambling world. However, these bonuses have been the focal point of some controversy, as the conditions for actually claiming them can be pretty tricky to achieve. Some require you to charge a certain amount to your account balance for you to actually withdraw the bonus, while others may require a certain amount of bets. This situation has been so prevalent that countries like Spain have outright banned advertisements and awarded first-time prizes from their land.

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Closing thoughts


Marketing is a veritable science, needing constant research, adaptation, and creativity. The digital era has brought an almost infinite amount of possibilities and opportunities to life, and the gambling business has made sure to take advantage of it. Both the digital and physical world see the effects of marketing, and only the future will tell what other methods will show up on the horizon.

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