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Breaking Ads Mobile US Hispanics: McDonald’s , Paramount Pictures , La Victoria Salsa ::: Premium Content :::


Portada and Media Economics Group are pleased to announce the return of our Breaking Ads section for Hispanics US mobile market.

Campaigns targeting Hispanics in the US through mobile platforms were tracked by Media Economics Group during the last two weeks of March and the first week of April. These advertising campaigns were conducted for mobile sites, though not exclusively and they may, or may not have been active in other platforms such as websites.

Below are the mobile campaigns for McDonald’s , Paramount Pictures ,La Victoria Salsa :




Advertiser: McDonald’s Corporation

Campaign:  “Bacon Clubhouse”

Language: Spanish

Description: Spanish language campaign of the New Bacon Clubhouse sandwich from McDonald’s.Landing page is

Site: ESPN Deportes Mobile (

Server: (GoogleAdSense)

Paramount Pictures

captain m


Advertiser: Viacom, Inc.

Campaign:  “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” Movie

Language: English

Description: English language  Ad campaign for US release of “Captain America – The Winter Soldier”.Landing page is

Site: Univision Movil (

Server: mydas.mobil (Millenial Media)

La Victoria Salsa



Advertiser: MegaMex Foods, LLC

Campaign:  La Victoria Salsa

Language: English

Description: English language  campaign for  La Victoria Salsa.Landing page is

Site: Univision Movil (

Server: (Google DoubleClick)


Source: Media Economics Group. For more information: 1 (704) 841-2030.


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