Digo’s Augusto Romano on the Crucial Role of Media for Brands

Media buyers crave for brand safety and strong consumer connections. We talked with Augusto Romano, CEO Digo Hispanic Media, about the important role trustworthy media properties play for brands who want to substantially engage consumers in a brand safe environment. “During this time filled with all sorts of pandemics: health, racial, and fake news, we are more committed than ever to provide the information our readers need, in the language they understand, and on the platforms they prefer,” Romano tells Portada.

Augusto Romano, CEO, DIgo Hispanic Media
Augusto Romano, CEO, DIgo Hispanic Media

The crucial role of professional media properties for effective consumer engagement by brands can not be overstated, much less in the era of fake news. It’s all about brand safety in advertising, particularly when it comes to Multicultural Marketing. “Being a network owned and operated by the leading media companies in the Caribbean, we understand, and do not take lightly, the importance of being transparent and trustworthy to our Latino and Hispanic readers and to our clients,” Romano asserts. Digo currently is in the midst of an initiative of  advertiser outreach called Good Brands Support the Truth.

“At Digo, we’ve been loud and clear of our unique value proposition and have always offered brands and advertisers an environment free of fake news. Digo’s network is formed by the top Latam Publishers who are the first point of reference for Hispanics in the U.S. “We offer brands the opportunity to reach and connect, in brand safe, culturally relevant & premium content sites, with a highly engaged and true premium Spanish dominant & bi-cultural U.S. Hispanic Audience.” 

Brand Safety: Media Sites Offer Higher Quality Engagement

Social Media has always been a platform in which users dive in to seek content relevant to them, but mostly related to what friends and family are doing and posting. Romano argues that “yes, users come across content from media and advertising from brands, but social media is an ecosystem that has so much going on that the engagement and awareness generated may not be classified or considered as high or the same quality as if a user is going directly / organically to a media or brand site. ” As an example Romano notes that  “if we compare time spent of a user that was browsing in social media and came across a news article in his or her feed vs the time spent of a user that came directly to the site to seek information we’ve seen how the average session of a direct or organic user is significantly higher than of a user that came from social media; 2 or even 3 times higher.’

The average session of a direct or organic user is 2 or even 3 times higher than of a user that came from social media.

Romano claims that Digo’s brand safe premium quality inventory has been successful with brands and media agencies. “Some agencies and brands understand the value of our audience and our inventory and whitelist our network within their DSP’s.  A good example of this is Group M’s new Multicultural Marketplace.”

Content Needs of Audiences during Covid 

Content needs and usage by audiences of Digo’s brand safe digital media properties has substantially  increased over the last few months.  According to Romano, “when you compare the time spent of our audience in Covid related content we’ve seen a 48% increase in time spent on page. We saw a significant spike of +200% increase in unique traffic in Covid related content during April vs. the  previous month. As you may recall in mid-March the topic was a known issue, but there was still some skepticism and some unfamiliarity with the subject. As time went by, the traffic was still significant and engaging with the content but the amount of users was not as high as when the pandemic had started in our markets. As a matter of fact a new spike of traffic has surged now in July due to the same spike of cases.”

A new spike of traffic has surged now in July due to the same spike of cases.


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