For marketers the big news about social networking sites is that they can integrate their brands into consumers social lives in a way that may not have been possible before.

Distributed Social Media products (DSM) integrate digital advertising campaigns in many social networking sites.

Due to the growth of both the Hispanic and Latin American social networks, DSM products may offer interesting opportunities to marketers wanting to reach those audiences.

Users of social networking sites can become brand ambassadors for brands advertising on those sites. Audiences of social networking sites are increasingly coveted by marketers. Latin Social networking site QuePasa recently announced a new system (DSM) that integrates digital campaigns in many social networking sites. QuePasa offers a viral social networking browser which allowsbrands to reach consumers wherever they find themselves in social networks, with an authentic viral marketing campaigns focus on the brand which includes: simple to-use tools that make it easy for any consumer to create their own content including brand-related content. DSM can be run on websites with minimal programming and campaigns can be shared from consumer to consumer. In addition, Map Technology shows a unique URL where the campaign has been posted and how many people have viewed it on that site. A geographic view, which is integrated with Google maps, shows you where your brand's campaign spreads geographically – allowing you to target your campaign's participants with relevant, localized marketing programs.


What do media buyers and planners say about the new technology?

“As with any multi-channel communications planning, the ability to have a single platform from which you can easily see a comprehensive publication calendar can greatly simplify the process of coordinating your messaging push,” Blair Goldberg, Assistant Digital media Strategist, at Senses, a Los Angeles based Hispanic digital Advertising Agency, tells Portada.

QuePasa is currently using DSM technologies for two campaigns:

       A “Summer Look” contest campaign for Brazilian magazine publisher Editora Globo’s Marie Claire magazine in early 2010.   Editora Globo is a wholly owned subsidiary of Brazil’s largest media group Organizacoes Globo.Visitors to the Marie Claire website will be invited to upload a picture of themselves that embodies originality, fashion and quality. The campaign will last four weeks with a semifinalist chosen every Friday and a winner chosen at the end of the period. 

       The Acapulco campaign — called "Acapulco Revealed" — will invite users to build their ideal vacation to Acapulco, based on four possible concepts: (i) Acapulco Nightlife; (ii) Acapulco Beaches; (iii) Acapulco Adventure; and (iv) Acapulco Culture. Vacation packages will be awarded to those contestants who most effectively share their Acapulco entry with friends and contacts across the web. The Municipality of Acapulco has already launched a community on ( and the "Acapulco Revealed" contest is scheduled to commence in late January 2010. "We believe our Quepasa DSM tool will facilitate authentic word-of-mouth marketing for Acapulco in addition to creating awareness with regard to local attractions such as adventure sports and archeological ruins," said John Abbott, Quepasa's CEO.


….do not misunderstand the unique behavioral dynamics of each social network

Sensis’ Goldberg notes that “as with all communication tools, it is critical to have a deep understanding of the audience you are targeting. The challenge of working with a mixed platform social media publishing tool is that it risks misunderstanding the unique behavioral dynamics of each network. For example, the playful familiar copy of Facebook may fall flat on Twitter, while the tags (#) and shortened url's (such as or that are commonplace on Twitter can alienate and confuse the less technically savvy population of Facebook. I have seen firsthand the confusion that social media novices can experience when receiving a synchronized content publication, and I can say with some authority that different networks have distinctly different behavior patterns that need to be accounted for.”


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