Adsmovil to Become AdColony’s Exclusive Ally in Latin America and the US Hispanic Market

What: Adsmovil will offer Adcolony’s video solutions in all the Latin American countries and the U.S. Hispanic market.
Why it matters: Adcolony has positioned itself as the world’s second largest mobile video in the world. It occupies the first place in the Mobile Seller Trust Index, as one of the most reliable mobile advertising at the global level.

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Last December, Adcolony, one of the largest mobile advertising platforms in the world with a reach of more than 1.5 billion users globally, closed operations in Latin America to focus on the markets of the United States, Europe, and Asia. The company chose Adsmovil, a company specialized in providing technology, data and advertising solutions on mobile devices to become their only ally in Latin America and the US Hispanic market to offer solutions in mobile video. To determine Hispanics, AdColony uses two variables: it identifies content in Spanish, as well as the Hispanic apps installed on smartphones.

“For this venture, Adcolony will help us to have a more complete and better mobile advertising product for our customers,”said Alberto Pardo, Adsmovil’s CEO.  “It is essential, taking into account the importance of Mobile Video for advertisers in the region and the sophistication of the purchase of video advertising with demanding KPI’s, such as high completion rates, data and Brand Safety that only Adcolony can offer.”

The video consumption on mobile devices already exceeds visual displays on Desktop. Approximately 57% of consumers see videos on their mobile phone on a daily basis. In Latin America, the industry is more prepared for the high demands of consumers of video formats. According to Alberto Pardo, “we know the importance of this format in the region, the brands and publishers devoted a large part of their budgets in 2018 to video strategies and campaigns on mobile devices”.

AdColony has established itself as the leader in the segment video advertising in apps. Recently the company was selected in the number one spot, as the best mobile advertising platform due to the high quality, full-screen experience, thanks to its 100% viewable inventory and 90% on its completion rates by the Mobile Seller Trust Index. AdColony is the second largest video-in-app company in terms of reach, only after Google, with more than 12 billion impressions per month and 1 million publishers.

Moreover, AdColony received the Trading Standards Group (DTSG) Digital Certification, an independent organization of digital advertising benchmarking based in the United Kingdom, and which guarantees the standards and best practices in the digital environment. The seal recognizes that AdColony provides security to the brands and confirms the seriousness in the commitment to minimize the potential for fraud in mobile advertising.

At the beginning of the year, AdColony joined other major players in the mobile advertising industry for the creation of the Coalition Against Ad Fraud (CAAF). The company was also named as the most secure mobile advertising Adnetwork, according to the annual report of Singular Labs.

Before closing the association of exclusive representation, Adsmovil already had an agreement with Adcolony to offer its Instant-Play™ HD Video product through its DSP in Latin America. Instant-Play™ HD allows the compression and preloading of videos in the background on mobile devices. “In this way, the videos are played automatically, without any kind of fault on the load, lag or loss of quality, allowing you to achieve excellent completion rates and ensuring that the results of mobile campaigns are effective,” concluded Pardo.

Each quarter Moat publishes viewability benchmarks, and its product, Instant-Play™ HD Video, has one of the highest video benchmarks. For example, this product excelled in the following metrics:

  • 109% more visible than Moat’s benchmark for page view that were actually seen by users.
  • A 75% more viewing time than Moat’s benchmark
  • A 228% of higher complete view than Moat’s benchmark for mobile video
  • A 123% higher completion quality than Moat’s benchmark for full video views, which were visible and auditable.