Accent Alternative Art Space is a not-for-profit art initiative by advertising agency Accentmarketing. This creative piece of real estate is dedicated to non-commercially driven artwork by emerging and mid-career artists. “Essentially, we want to develop ideas that are outside of the mainstream scope of artists’ commercial galleries while harnessing local talent and culture.” said Cristina Ramos, Account Executive at Accentmarketing.

The gallery will serve as a platform for unknown artists to showcase their work for free. “The idea behind this alternative art space- said Ramos- is to enrich Miami’s art scene by bringing to light ideas that fall outside of the mainstream scope of the local art world.” Killing and Salting, the gallery’s premiere exhibit, will feature seven local Cuban-American artists’ work that visually captures the day-to-day, bi-cultural experiences unique to Miami.

Esteban ‘Steve’ Blanco, founding partner of Accentmarketing, retired in 1993 and dedicated himself to his passion for art. When the warehouse adjacent to his art studio became available, Steve decided to invest in a space he could offer to promising artists as a platform to build their work. At the same time, an opportunity to allow the agency to further its artistic culture and contribute to Miami’s growing art scene unfolded itself.

WHEN: Thursday June 10th 7-10 PM

WHERE: 4814 SW 75th Avenue Miami, Florida 33155


Portada Staff

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