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Multi-cultural Brand Supervisor


Job Summary:

The role of the Multicultural Brand Strategy Supervisor is to guide the translation of marketing goals into multicultural strategic media solutions that grow our Client’s brands. The Supervisor uses their knowledge of industry trends, and the breadth of Canvas Worldwide’s multicultural consumer and channel insight resources to bring fresh thinking that goes the “extra mile” for their clients. Working under goals set by the Brand Group Director, the Supervisor will ensure all team’s projects are completed accurately and on time, and reflect both practical and strategic thinking. The Supervisor will also secure tools and training necessary for the professional development of the Assistant Brand Strategist.

Main Responsibilities:


    • Maintains knowledge of existing/traditional multicultural strategic planning approaches, as well as emerging and creative multicultural communication channels and media trends
    • Begin to lead cross agency discussions with knowledge of multicultural industry
  • Seek out external resources (ex: seminars, etc.) and leverage internal resources (i.e. learning and development programs such as speaker series, or management training) to advance knowledge base
  • Actively reads trades/industry news to keep abreast of news and events that could impact Canvas Worldwide, or the industry as a whole
    • Establish oneself as a key extension of the client’s marketing team.
  • Understand the key drivers of both Client and Agency success
      • Maintain firm understanding of all client’s products/services, marketing goals and objectives, media requirements, target consumer and budgets
      • Work with Client to identify additional marketing challenges, and develop solutions that meet Clients needs, while advancing the agency’s interests
      • Build and maintain strong relationships with clients and partner agencies at appropriate level, by serving as the key agency contact
  • Proactively inform clients of new media ideas or ways of thinking that might impact their business or plans and ensure the team is actively updating plans as any changes occur
  • Understand relevant metrics to assess the health of Client business (i.e. A/S and ROI)
  • Lead client meetings, and provide insightful feedback
  • Gain firm fluency in multicultural media trends and help lead Client’s understanding in how they impact the Client’s business
  • Attend relevant Client meetings



MEDIA STRATEGY: Guide the team in translating client goals into actionable steps and ensure strategic consistency across all elements of plan development and implementation.


    • Implement marketing protocol as established by senior management, and guide Assistant Strategists understanding of it
  • Work with Client to define Multicultural Marketing goals and KPIs, and guide Assistant Strategist in translating them into to media objectives and strategies
  • Direct research that will aid in the multicultural consumer insight gathering and strategic planning process
      • Be able to interpret proprietary client research findings (ex: Segmentation Studies, Brand Health Studies) and use learnings to sharpen multicultural media recommendations
      • Fully understand how to use and apply internal (IZON, Simmons…etc.) and external (4As, Persuadables, Mintel, etc.) resources
      • Be familiar with Canvsa Worldwide’s Proprietary tools such as CCRI, Blend or BrandRatings, as well as brand insight advancements to apply to multicultural client strategy, as directed by BGD
  • Identify opportunities to engage the Scout, Treehouse, WHERE and WHY teams, and serve as the main Brand Team liaison
  • Maintain a clear understanding of each Brand’s multicultural target audience/ prospect in both marketing/ media planning and media buying terms
  • Apply principles of multicultural planning including reach, frequency, efficiency and engagement measurement, etc. to plan recommendations
  • Look to ensure multicultural recommendations are incorporating both existing/traditional media as well as emerging creative communication channels as applicable
    • Oversee the development of multicultural media briefs and inputs (as applicable)
  • Direct and oversee requests and communication to CANVAS WORLDWIDE Groups (OOH, Interactive, BGD’s) and to external media vendors
  • Identify opportunities for cross-platform deals, where appropriate
    • Supervise the translation of client objectives to CANVAS WORLDWIDE departments
  • Ensure relevance of the brand communication strategy
  • Using inputs from the Assistant Strategist, create and present multicultural strategic planning decks based on sound multicultural media principles
    • Manage the signature and return of all Client authorizations
    • Oversee the strategic and tactical execution of all multicultural planned media buys by the brand team including any added-value materials as needed
    • Ensure the activation of approved multicultural media plan is being handled by the team in the timeline necessary to meet “in market” dates
    • Campaign performance:
      • Ensure appropriate performance measures are in place (ex: Broadcast Post Analyses, Digital Campaign trackers, DR clearance analyses, etc.) and oversee the presentation of findings to the clients
      • Ensure that post reports are issued to the team in agreed upon timeline, reviewed and issued to Client
    • Financial:
      • Be fiscally responsible (client budgeting, internal cost controls)
      • Ensure that the Brand team is gathering information for timely receipt/submission of estimate and final/reconciliation bills
      • Loop in BGD and financial counterparts as well as activation team to correct any billing discrepancies
      • Review monthly internal forecasts for accuracy before they are submitted to finance
    • Traffic:
      • Ensure accuracy and timeliness of traffic instructions and provide solutions to any specific traffic challenges



  • Direct and supervise work activities of Assistant Brand Strategist and ensure all appropriate resources are utilized for their training and development
    • Guide team in setting goals, project tasks & timelines, including anticipating obstacles.
    • Balance team workload to avoid overload, and ensure all team members have challenging, level-appropriate projects and opportunities to learn new skills
    • Assess individual capabilities in areas of media, marketing and computer skills to identify training needs for improved performance
    • Educate team on CANVAS WORLDWIDE policies, and “best practice” processes and procedures, and ensure they are being followed
    • Make sure team are trained on appropriate multicultural planning systems and tools
    • Manage vacation requests and timesheets of Assistant Strategist; review and provide approval or request changes on a timely basis
    • Participate in the interview/selection process for candidates at the Assistant/Strategist level, and lead the development and administration of performance appraisals
    • Provide coaching to maximize individual and team success
    • Seek opportunities to use individual’s skill sets in ways that lead to their success
    • Train less seasoned media employees at CANVAS WORLDWIDE on media practices
    • Manage review process of direct reports with BGD and ensure actions are being taken to help growth and keep BGD/MD informed of any staff developments



  • Work with clients/BGD to establish and maintain communication protocol
  • Be familiar with Client contracts and multicultural SOW to ensure proper execution of key components (ex: agency fees, traffic costs, travel policies, etc.)
  • Oversee and proof all work to ensure quality and accuracy
  • Ensure accurate and timely response to Client requests
  • Ensure comprehensive and timely conference reports are issued for all meetings (internal/external)
  • Keep BGD informed of upcoming meetings, and status of relevant assignments. Alert BGD on timely basis to any project issues, and offer responsible solutions.
  • Ensure cross departmental relationships are developed and maintained at all appropriate levels of the brand team structure
  • Attend all relevant internal/external meetings
  • Assist in new business effort and maintain client case studies, as needed

Key Relationships

  • Internal
    • Ensure CANVAS WORLDWIDE’s Channel Planning Architecture is being followed by the Brand team
    • Keep Brand Group Manager abreast of overall team workflow, project status, due dates
    • Work effectively with counterparts in all other Canvas Worldwide’s departments to ensure brand goals are met
    • Establish relationships with WHERE, WHY groups to identify opportunities to add value to plans
    • Responsible for oversight and priority setting for the team
  • External
    • Develop a positive and close working with clients and partner agencies
    • As appropriate, develop and maintain strong relationships with media partners


Key Behavioral Competencies:

  • Motivated individual with strong interest/passion for the media industry, particularly multicultural media
  • Entrepreneurial spirit; possess the desire and ability identify opportunities to expand client/agency partnership
  • Able prioritize team projects and sets aggressive yet achievable performance goals for self and direct reports
  • Dedicated team player with passion for presenting new ideas
  • Foster strong working relationship with Brand and client teams
  • Ability to effectively interact with Canvas Worldwide departments
  • Maintains professional demeanor at all times
  • Demonstrates strong work ethic, commitment to projects
  • Maintains strong relationships with media partners
  • Advocate for Canvas Worldwide and Canvas Worldwide processes/policies
  • Solution-oriented; demonstrates creativity and agility when problem solving and multi-tasking
  • Maintain strong level of accuracy in all deliverables
  • Establish atmosphere of trust among direct reports and looks to coach them to maximum potential
  • Begins to build relationship of confidence with senior management
  • In collaboration with BGD, assess and facilitate career growth development for all team members
  • Inspires and motivates action across departments and disciplines; fosters team building atmosphere
  • Begins to contribute to the evolution/development of media strategy best practices of Canvas Worldwide
  • Ability to generate ideas and actions that can produce tangible business results
  • Maintain professional profile at industry events



  • Minimum of 5-7 years of experience developing multicultural strategic media recommendations and stewarding media account projects
  • Experience utilizing multiple Spanish Language and General Market media channels
  • Familiarity with multicultural marketing principles, analytics and concepts
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, PowerPoint, Word)
  • Prior experience in a Client contact and leadership role
  • Experience and knowledge of multicultural media research and reporting resources
  • Strong leadership and supervisory experience in terms of developing media professionals
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills; able to confidently present and “sell through” ideas both internally and to Clients
  • Proven ability to manage a team of at least 1-2 people



Company: Canvas Worldwide
Location: Playa Vista, CA
Contact: gsiverson@canvasww.com

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