A few tidbits from last week’s AHAA Annual Conference: The Rupert show, impreMedia’s plans, Total Market Definition, Is Facebook poaching employees from Univision? and more…

    • The Rupert Show

murdochHaving Rupert Murdoch, Executive Chairman of News Corp and the most powerful media owner in the world speaking at a Hispanic marketing conference was certainly a big coup for AHAA and a vote of confidence in the Hispanic marketing space. Murdoch  stunned the crowd by voicing his support for immigration reform and no caps for H1 visas: ““Immigrants or their children have founded 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies,” he said. “Pfizer, Google, eBay were all started by immigrants… and we will not get out of this recession until we give people (like Hispanics) the freedom to start small businesses.” And we ask: Why do Murdoch’s views not align with those of some of his most representative media properties like Fox News, The London Times and the New York Post?


    • Total Market Approach: Now we have a definition!

In collaboration with the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and a broad coalition of brands and ethnic and general market agencies, AHAA unveiled an industry definition for Total Market. A very useful development as “Total Market” (buzzword?) now belongs to the most used Marketing terms. So here is the definition: A marketing approach followed by corporations with their trusted internal and external partners which proactively integrates diverse segment considerations. This is done from inception through the entire strategic process and execution, with the goal of enhancing value and growth effectiveness. In marketing communications, this could lead to either one fully integrated cross-cultural approach, individual segment approaches, or both in many cases, but always aligned under one overarching strategy.”

Leading Marketers presented examples of Total Market campaigns including Huggies, Kellogg’s, Pine-Sol and Wells-Fargo, where CMO Jamie Moldafsky showcased the company’s strategy is a mix of common core values with custom activations that satisfy cultural nuances and mindsets.

    • impreMedia’s plans

Lizbeth Rodriguez, the recently appointed National Marketing Director at impreMedia shared her plans for the Hispanic digital and print media company with Portada’s Editorial team. Rodriguez, who works closely with Hernando Ruiz-Jiménez, Executive Vice President and General Manager, East Division at impreMedia, says that her main mission is to integrate marketing efforts by utilizing the company’s multimedia platform. Advertisers, including retailer Macy’s, are increasingly offered a multiplatform approach (digital, video, print) with the objective of them taking advantage of impreMedia’s local properties (NYC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Chicago and Orlando). Rodriguez calls this a total market approach with “local targeting”. impreMedia newspapers and websites are currently undergoing a redesigned under the leadership of Content Director Juan Varela.

    • Is Facebook poaching employees from Univision?

Facebook had a significant presence both in the program of AHAA as well as in the attendee count. The social media giant is investing substantial resources on its expansion plans in the Hispanic market.
Interestingly, many leading executives that work with Hispanic market accounts at Facebook come from Univision. In late 2013 Christian Martinez, previously Vice President of Network and Interactive Sales at Univision, joined Facebook to help run ad sales for the U.S. Hispanic market based in Miami. Similarly, late last year David Lawenda joined Facebook as VP, Global Sales. Lawenda previously had been  president of ad sales and marketing at Univision. Facebook has the technology and the audience, but it is obviously trying to get more muscle when it comes to reach out to Hispanic targeted brand marketers and agencies. Hence the move of some executives from Univision to Facebook.


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