Jorge Mercado: New Alma´s Consumer Connections Director

JorgeMercadoJorge Mercado has been appointed as new Consumer Connections Director of Alma. Mercado has previously worked for Prisa Digital and Terra Networks.

Mercado will be in charge of the media planning. According to the agency a Consumer Connections Director is a “media planning mixmaster; someone who stays on top of content trends across platforms (traditional, viral, retail, entertainment) and aligns the media planning strategy to maximum effect.”

“Our business has grown tremendously and it became clear that we really needed a team member who could incorporate an enhanced view of media opportunities we can fully utilize for our clients,” said Vice President and Managing Director Isaac Mizrahi.

Mercado is a specialist in launching and re-launching brands with a combination of traditional media and new platforms. The executive has more than 15 years of experience in the Hispanic media and marketing. He has worked with brands such as General Motors, GMC, Farmers Insurance, Sprint Nextel and the U.S. Navy.