Jimmy Dean’s new breakfast sandwich TV commercial addresses Hispanic families

What: The Jimmy Dean ready-made food brand has a new Spanish-language TV commercial, entitled “Done” (“Listo”).
Why is it important: The Hispanic market is a very important consumer target for food brands in the U.S. Jimmy Dean brand relies on cultural insights and at the same time promotes convenience products that may make life easier.

Jimmy Dean is one of America’s best-known ready-made breakfast brands, and in order to more solidly address its Hispanic consumers, yesterday, September 9, it released a new TV commercial, so as to promote its popular line of breakfast sandwiches.

Several sources are sharing the details of Jimmy Dean’s Spanish-language TV commercial, created by advertising and marketing agency Walton Isaacson. It’s a :30 spot entitled “Done” (“Listo”) featuring a busy mom on a typical morning, as she gets her family ready for school and work. With the assistance of the Jimmy Dean Sun, mom and her family take time to enjoy the benefits of a Jimmy Dean breakfast to get their day started off on the right foot. The tagline, “Por un día brillante” (“Here’s to a shining day”), speaks to both the “brilliance” of smart choices and to sunshine, an essential ingredient in a positive day.

The spot will be airing on the following networks: Univision (Prime, Telenovelas), Telemundo, Estrella, MundoFOX, and Discovery (Familia and En Español). Watch the new Jimmy Dean’s TV commercial (“Done” / “Listo”).

Jimmy Dean Foods, Inc. produces and provides breakfast sausage, bacon, and sandwiches. Some of its most popular products are roll sausage, bacon, links and patties, skillets, flapsticks, breakfast bowls, sandwiches and omelets, but it also offers frozen breakfast products, such as quesadillas.