In its May 8th edition, the highly-popular weekly satire paper The Onion did something unprecedented: It ran a strip of the iconic Ziggy cartoon—in Spanish.

The content consists of a single frame featuring the cartoon’s protagonist, Ziggy, sitting at a restaurant table, accompanied by a glass of red wine. A tear is welling up in his eye. The waiter comments: “No comprendo, senor. ¡Todos los demas piensan que es un vino divertido!” This translates to, “I don’t understand, sir. Everyone else finds this wine funny!”

Is the cartoon itself funny? Well, who’s to say, but it is definitely in Spanish, which raises eyebrows when it appears in a general market publication like The Onion.

Perhaps the notoriously tongue-in-cheek publication is making a decidedly serious attempt at attracting Hispanic eyeballs. Or perhaps they are merely throwing their regular readers for a loop.

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Portada Staff

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