Client: U.S. Army
Agency: Casanova Pendrill
Marketing Objective:

The overall objective for the U.S. Army was to meet its 2008 recruitment goal. The recruiting climate continued to be extremely challenging while the trend of declining propensity among Hispanics to join the Army persisted. In order to help change perceptions and ultimately increase propensity, the U.S. Army needed to showcase the value of being a soldier and the tremendous opportunities provided to those who become soldiers.

Target Audience:

The U.S. Army's recruitment target is Adults ages 18-24. Casanova Pendrill was tasked to reach the Hispanic segment of this group, specifically the bilingual and/or English-dominant speakers. To varying degrees the target's decision to join the armed forces is impacted by others outside this target group (Influencers – community leaders, parents, teachers/coaches). This is even more true when it comes to Hispanic youth. In recognition of the weight young Hispanic adults place on their parents' opinions, a secondary target, Hispanic Influencers, was necessary. Knowing that the majority of this group was foreign born and Spanish speaking, communication would be most effective in Spanish.

 Media Plan:

Casanova used print for four separate plans that collectively worked together. Two supported ROTC (Reserve Officers' Training Corps), which funds a full college scholarship (tuition and books) to current and incoming college students, who then are commissioned as officers upon graduation from college and completion of the program.

Two others supported Active/Reserve with efforts focused on recruitment for the Active Army and Army Reserve. In addition to the standard evaluation criteria of composition, coverage and efficiencies each publication's ability to go beyond a regular insertion and provide unique messaging opportunities was considered. Specially selected titles provided a platform to spotlight soldiers whose stories were relevant to the editorial focus of each magazine.
Media Objectives:

Deliver detailed and engaging ROTC and Active Army/Army Reserve messaging in an in-depth fashion in order to connect with the target to peak interest in the U.S. Army. Extend media platforms to connect target with actual stories from real Hispanic soldiers to which they can relate to and self-identify with.

Utilize magazines to educate target on the opportunities within the U.S. Army. Leverage the paid insertion as “a way in” with readers to deliver more detailed depictions of real soldiers. Harness print's distinct advantage in engaging readers actively seeking specific content/information which would help to bring soldier stories to life. Select titles which tap into each target's passion points and frame solider stories within relevant editorial content.

Portada Staff

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