Will Vasquez, national sales manager at Independent Publishers Representatives, is branching out with his own company, Hispanic Media Representatives, recently taking in the upstart magazine Latino Future.
Commenting on how IPR and HMR are different, Vasquez tells Portada, “We do similar work; however, HMR looks for start-up companies or other opportunities for publishers who are looking to reach a national media buying professional network in both print and digital. IPR works with established companies with large circulations, our niche being Corporate-owned, Custom-Published national print products (Such as Kraft’s Comida y Familia and Disney’s Disney en Familia).”
In his work with both IPR and his own company HMR, Vasquez is noting the effects of the slowing economy: “The economy has definitely hurt cash-flow; people are paying very slow – holding onto their cash longer for sure. However, I saw a number of national accounts place business late in the year for 4th Q – and I know Digital ad sales continue to rise, so there is good promise for the balance of the year for those with digital offerings.”
Vasquez says he hopes Corporate America will look to capture market-share by doing more business with the US Latino community – and will continue to enhance their investments in national print. “Of course, we all know that our national print publishers must also offer digital ad offerings, if they are to remain competitive in the long run.  I truly believe that many people still enjoy their relationships with magazines that they have true interest in; sitting down and taking some time to flip thru the pages of your favorite magazine is still a great form of recreation – especially in these busy times; savvy clients recognize this to be true.”

Portada Staff

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