What’s Behind the New York Times/V-me Partnership?

Seeking ever-new revenue streams and delivery options amidst a painfully lagging print market, The New York Times has teamed up with Spanish-language network V-me to produce a television show called “Paginas del New York Times.”

The series will repurpose content from the New York Times and present it on-air, with a special focus on conveying the social, economic, and political significance to the U.S. Hispanic community. “Our agreement is that each week, we will choose the pieces that are of most interest to our audience, and present them in a visually compelling manner,” says Guillermo Sierra, chief content officer, SVP for V-me. “The idea is to bring the newspaper to life on-screen."

The series is to be hosted by the popular Hispanic journalist Marian de la Fuente, and will debut on March 1. Sierra stresses that the topics covered will be wide-ranging. “We did extensive market research in 6 major U.S. cities to determine what sort of content to produce for this show, and we heard two things loud and clear,” says Sierra: “First, people wanted sophisticated, informative content. A frequent complaint was that too much Spanish-language programming is concentrated in trivial subject matter. Second, the people resoundingly requested that the content not be purely Latino-centric, but that it instead cover a variety of subject matter, presented in Spanish. In general, the content will be lifestyle-oriented, with some entertainment.

V-me will be handling all advertising sales and will also be making the programming available in Latin American markets, as well as in Spain.