Impremedia has an extra-large slice of the national Hispanic print advertising. How large of a slice of the national Hispanic newspaper advertising pie did Impremedia get during 2006?

To find out, Portada calculated national Hispanic newspaper advertising investment of three major companies (Cingular, Citibank and General Motors) and then analyzed the investment of these companies in Impremedia publications: La Opinion (LA), El Diario/La Prensa (New York), Hoy (New York), La Raza (Chicago), El Mensajero (San Francisco), La Prensa (Orlando) and the national magazine Vista.

According to Portada Ad-Tracking, Impremedia publications account for 8.91% of Cingular’s Hispanic newspaper advertising spending, for 18.01% of Citibank’s and for 18.7% of the different General Motors brands. (Note: local advertising such as car or cell phone dealerships of any of these companies is excluded both in the total national advertising figure as in Impremedia’s share. Were these included, local advertising total amounts and Impremedia’s share would be significantly higher).

Appropriate level of spending

Portada recently recommended a national advertising expense for Cingular, Citibank and General Motors (taking into account their spending level in General Market newspapers).

According to the report, Cingular’s appropriate level of spending should increase by  $45.88 million,  Citibank’s by $4.72 million and General Motors by $54.2 million.

If these companies followed this investment model, Impremedia’s revenues coming from Cingular advertising would increase by $4.1 million, its Citibank revenues would increase by $0.8 million and its General Motors advertising revenues by $10.1 million.

A significant share




General Motors

National Advertising in Hispanic Newspapers (2006 in $ million)




Impremedia Publications Share




Impremedia’s Ratio in % in total National Advertising




Source: Portada Ad-Tracking

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