Vertis Launches Direct Mail Program & New Study

Vertis communications has introduced a new direct mail promotions program directed at approximately 2.1 million Hispanic homeowners, called ¡Alcance!TM en tu Buzón.

The campaign will include coupons and special promotions to targeted households. The program is being hawked as “personalized, trackable retail promotion.”

Franklin Rios, vice president of multicultural sales for Vertis Communications, says that at the heart of the program is the tailoring of the advertiser's message to make a culturally relevant impact on the Hispanic consumer.

The essential component of this effort is a 12-page bilingual booklet – comprised of the coupons and promotions – that will be distributed during holidays and events important to Hispanics such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Cinco de Mayo, Mexican Independence day, and Copa America.

The release of the new program comes on the heals of Vertis' latest Opiniones Survey, which showed some interesting patterns about Hispanic families' response to direct mail. One finding was that Hispanics were under-targeted with Spanish-language and bi-lingual mail. This was in contrast with their exceptionally high response rates to the mail that they did receive.

The report finds that about 70% of Hispanics who receive a direct mail offer take action on it. The study found that 32% go to a website, 29% go to nearest location of the advertiser, 17% call the 800 number, and 9% reply via mail. One interesting finding in this data is that Hispanics are 10% more likely to go to the company's website than are general market consumers.

In terms of the types of products Hispanics are most interested in, automotive products are the most popular. In the survey, 40% of the Hispanic respondents said that they plan to purchase a vehicle in the next year, compared with 31% of the general population. The study also found that Hispanics respond well to life insurance and credit card offers.