We recently published a story on USA Today’s expansion in the Puerto Rican market. We asked Heidi Zimmerman, director of Communications at USA Today in Washington about the Puerto Rico deal and other plans of the Gannett newspaper in the Spanish-speaking world.

Zimmerman notes that the USA Today has plans to further expand in Latin America although, she did not want to reveal any specifics.

Regarding, the circulation of the USA Today Puerto Rican edition, she says that “It will probably be around 3,000 initially although that is driven by the local partner.” Ferre Rangel owned El Nuevo Dia is the local partner. Regarding who sells the advertising, she says that it is also sold by the local partner. The USA Today’s other international Latin American editions are in Cancun and Bahamas. La Voz de Mexico is the name of the partner newspaper in Cancun.


Portada Staff

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