The US Hispanic market is now the main foreign market for the Spanish news agency Efe. The state-owned Spanish company sells approximately 20% of its total sales outside of Spain. Eighty percent of foreign sales are in the Americas, with the biggest chunk coming from the US. “A few years ago Argentina, Brazil and Mexico were the main foreign markets for Efe, now it's the US,” Emilio Sánchez, General Director of Efe Americas, told Portadatm. Efe has its headquarters in Madrid and its main US offices in Miami. Its biggest US clients are in print media (newspapers and weeklies), to which Efe supplies a daily feed of 80 to 90 news items specially selected for US Hispanics written in Spanish and/or English. Efe does not offer video (image) services. 30% of Efe's US clients are Internet portals and websites interested in offering Hispanic specific content to their users. In Latin America, Efe's business relies more on daily papers and radio stations and less on the Internet and weekly magazines.

…due to strong growth in Anglosaxon Media.

Sánchez distinguishes two markets within US print media. “On the one hand, there is the traditional Hispanic market with 7 or 8 dailies or weeklies, such as El Nuevo Herald, Hoy and La Raza. And

on the other, there are the anglosaxon newspaper publishing houses like Knight Ridder, Gannett, New York Times Co. and Washington Post Co., which are increasingly interested in meeting the information needs of Spanish-speaking audiences.” The latter is the market with the most growth potential, Sánchez notes. Efe is trying to win business from these prospects on a newspaper by newspaper basis. “Newspaper editors are quite independent when making content purchase decisions. Generally, these decisions are not made centrally on the holding company level,” he says. On the information gathering and reporting side, Efe has offices in New York, Washington, Houston, Los Ángeles and Toronto with stringers in other US and Canadian cities.


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