According to a recent study by ADVO, the main reason behind low Hispanic coupon usage is underexposure. Hispanic consumers are not getting coupons. ADVO interviewed 1,200 Hispanics for a study it conducted last fall called “Food away from home – Dining.” According to the Bernie Kramberg, director of marketing intelligence at ADVO, one in four Hispanics interviewed said that they did not get coupons at all.

According to a 2004 AC Nielsen study, just under half of “less acculturated” Hispanics claim they regularly use coupons, compared to 89% of general market consumers. The ADVO study also found out that one in ten Hispanics used a coupon the last time they ate out. According to Kramberg, this ratio did not change depending on the consumer's level of acculturation. Hispanics interviewed for the study were nearly 2.5 times as likely to say that having a coupon determined where they ate.

Another ADVO study of retail shopping behavior among Hispanics, found that one in three Hispanic consumers read circulars about the stores they shop in, compared to one in four general market consumers. Another interesting finding was that prices more than store locations drove purchasing decisions. That may explain the strong reliance on discount superstores – 25% of Hispanics interviewed shop at Wal-Mart, compared to 18% of general market consumers.


Portada Staff

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