Top 5 Trends to Follow in Hispanic Print

   Increasing amount of FSI’s. While in the general market, FSI (preprint) advertising accounts for more than 50% of total advertising volume in the Hispanic market, FSI’s advertising volume amounts to a quarter. As an increasing amount of advertisers, particularly retailers, are moving into the market (see article on Home Improvement Advertising category on page 3 of this issue).  Expect the proportion of FSI advertising to increase in Hispanic print media.

2)      Weekend Newspapers- Advertisers using coupons may prefer weekend editions of newspapers as many consumers buy the weekend paper specifically for the coupons.

3)      Wraps: Increasingly, we see newspapers adopting false front covers. (HOY Heineken AD)

4)      Tabs: Some magazines will include a page of stick-on tabs that can be removed and placed on an advertisement for a product that the reader is interested in. That way, the reader can easily go back later and refer to the advertisement, before making a purchase. This is particularly prevalent in ad-heavy magazines like Cosmopolitan en Espanol.

5)      Unique Shapes: Eye-catching shapes such as L-shaped ads or other configurations that call attention to a given ad more than the typical “block” space.