Toda Mujer Switches to Semi-annual Publication, Revamps Editorial

Healthspring Communications' Toda Mujer magazine (circ. 500,000) will expand from annual to semi-annual publication in 2006.

Toda Mujer's next issue will be in the summer of 2006. The magazine has a new, more consumer-focused look. An indication of this new approach is the appearance of celebrity Maria Celeste on its upcoming cover. Marcus Diggle, Healthspring Communications´ CEO, tells Portada® that the magazine's editorial has been completely revamped and readers will now have more navigation points.

He adds that Toda Mujer is ahead of commitments in advertising reservations for the summer 2006 issue, “There are more farsighted marketers out there than you would anticipate. Only 1% of pharma budgets are spent in Hispanic marketing. This is a great opportunity”.

Marcus Diggle, CEO of Healthspring Communications tells Portada® that his magazine induces readers to make behavioral changes as a result of reading the magazine. An “educated consumer is more likely to understand that a lack of exercise has a direct correlation with contracting diabetes”.

Profile Pursuit, a London-based publishing company, sold its US magazines Toda Mujer and Every Woman (Toda Mujer´s larger English-language sister publication which is published 4 times a year) to Healthspring Communications. Healthspring Communications is a group formed by U.S. strategic investors from medical and publishing backgrounds. Their intention is to build Every Woman and Toda Mujer as prominent women's health magazines. The growth strategy includes seminars, events and grassroots marketing.