Tiempos Del Mundo Shakes Things Up

Fresh from its first-ever BPA audit, Tiempos Del Mundo (Weekly, circ. 105,000) is settling into its new, streamlined structure and implementing various organizational changes it hopes will take the publication to the next level.

The publication has refined the number of publishing hubs from fifteen down to five, which now include Washington, Miami, Mexico City, Bogota, and Montevideo, with headquarters in Washington DC.

Said Associate Publisher Frank Grow, “Centralizing business operations has allowed us to run more efficiently, and allow advertisers greater access to individual markets through regional sales.” As yet, rates have not changed, and currently run $6,500 per full-page color ad.

A recent reader survey conducted by NewYork-based GFK Custom Research, reflected a credibility rating of 84% according to TDL's Executive Editor Alvaro Valderrama.

In addition, the publication is proud to announce its recent hiring of Carlos Vedecia- formerly editor-in-chief of Hispanic(s) Magazine and People en Espanol– as its own editor in chief. Vedebia cites improving content and becoming ever more indispensable to its readers as goals for the months and years ahead: “We are not looking to be all things to all people, but rather to have something for everyone.” In line with this goal, the paper seeks to diversify content to include more travel, automotive, food, and health-related stories.

Alex Andrews