The International Edition of The Miami Herald will be closed. June 11th 2009 will be the last day the daily newspaper will be published.

The daily newspaper with a circulation of 25,000 in the Caribbean and Latin America is folding due to a decrease in advertising, sources at The Miami Herald tell Portada.

McClatchy, the publisher of The Miami Herald has decided to focus on the core products of the The Miami Herald in the South Florida market and cater to international audiences via its stable of websites including and El Nuevo Heralds website is already attracting substantial traffic from Latin America.

Staff laid off
The International Edition of The Miami Herald was launched in June 1946.

McClatchy has decided to discontinue the positions of Bob Oliva, International Advertising Manager and Isabel Entenza, International Manager, both of which led the International Edition of The Miami Herald. In addition, 2 editorial staff members were let go and the relationship with Mindwords, a company which The Miami Herald International Edition contracted to meet some of its editorial demands, was discontinued.

Foreign visitors on websites
Interestingly out of 5 million unique users that visit The Miami Herald´s digital properties every month, only 450,000 are from South Florida. The rest come from the rest of the U.S or foreign countries. Approximately 20% come from Latin America.

McClatchy plans to monetize website traffic by geotargeting online advertising to specific “geographic” audiences.

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