Portada: What makes Texas Hispanics different from other Hispanics nationwide?
Loida Ruiz: What’s interesting is the diversity of different levels of acculturation. We have so many Hispanics that were here since Texas was Mexico. Houston has always traditionally been 80% Mexican. Now we’re seeing a lot of new immigration from central and South America, including a growing Salvadoran community.
There are certainly more similarities between Texas and California than TX and FL in the Mexican ancestry of the Hispanic population.
Also, interesting is that when people think of Texas they think of Dallas and San Antonio first, but we are actually bigger.
Portada: What makes Houston distinct from other Texas markets?
Loida Ruiz: Nationwide, Houston is the largest Hispanic DMA after LA, NY and Miami, according to the 2008 US diversity markets report. Hispanics comprise the largest ethnic group and also the fastest growing.
For 2007 core area of Core based Statistical area Houston: 33% Hispanic at 5.4 million; going to be 5.9 by 2012, representing 36.6% Hispanic.

Portada: Work with general market agencies?
Loida Ruiz: “I have worked with General market agencies making Hispanic buys and have not had any bad experiences. We do work with some general market agencies that do their own buying. General market agencies, if they are doing a general market buy will buy us through our Houston Chronicle salespeople. We train our Houston Chronicle people to offer that up.
Portada: Which Hispanic segments are growing fastest in Houston; has there been a decrease in 1st gen. Hispanics?
Loida Ruiz: If anything I would say that the proportion of first generation Latinos is growing.
Portada: Why is print a good medium through which to target Texas Hispanics?
Loida Ruiz: Print is a good medium for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the type of people who read newspapers tend to be better educated and more engaged than your average television viewer.
Also, when someone is going to make a major decision such as purchasing a car or a home, or even back to school shopping, where do they go? They go to the newspaper to actively seek out what they are looking for. They don’t sit on the couch and wait for something to come along on television.
Portada: Is Internet adoption happening rapidly?
Loida Ruiz: It is one of our fastest growing markets. It is because of this growth that we are launching a new Internet portal in Q1 of 2009.

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