The Changing Face of Hispanic Parenting Media

Portada: How has Hispanic parenting media developed over the last few years? 

Cynthia Nelson: For the past 50+ years, the parenting information came from magazines.  What has changed in the past five years is the need and requirement to provide parents with information not only in language (Spanish) but also in their mediums of choice which now include TV, radio, digital, grass roots, products, mobile, WAP, etc.  Moms are moms and it does not matter if they are a CEO or a taxi driver – when their baby is crying they want to find the answer, NOW.  They can’t always wait to find the article in the magazine from two months ago – they need to access it when and where it makes the most sense so they use different mediums at different times. We believe that integrated media content platforms are key to reaching this market and ensuring that your brand is in the hearts and minds of Hispanic parents.

Portada: How do you integrate your different delivery channels (print, online)? 

Cynthia Nelson: For almost a decade, Todobebe has built a reputation as the trusted friend and advisor to Hispanic parents.  Leveraging this we use our content and media properties to develop integrated approaches for our clients.  For example, we could produce an article about what you need in your nursery when you bring your baby home and then integrate a sponsor brand / advertisement next to the article in the magazine,  and then have a similar article or newsletter running online via with a downloadable shopping list or baby registry list for our consumers and their families….all with sponsor branding.  What sponsors want is to leverage our name and voice to reach this market in a more compelling and intimate fashion .  We also are extending our reach with our new social networking site  This is a site where moms talk to moms, blog, upload photos and interact.  There is also very specialized and targeted media available that could provide a bridge for sponsors looking to interact directly with this consumer base.

The other area that I think is worth mentioning is research.  We constantly talk to our consumer base and provide specialized research to our sponsor partners.  Our goal is to provide them with research that helps them not only understand this market, but “hear” what consumers are saying and “watching” what they are doing.  In this way, sponsors develop better products and that helps every mom be a better mom.

Portada: How does Todobebe plan to invest the capital it received from Palladium Equity? 

Cynthia Nelson: We are a private company and therefore do not disclose.  Suffice to say we are expanding our team and our content and our consumer reach at breakneck speed.

Portada: When is the print publication going to be released and what advertisers do you have on-board?

Cynthia Nelson: We are “live” and selling this aggressively now in the market.  We launch the first issue just in time for Mother’s Day and a second issue will be in September around Hispanic Heritage.  We have a very large, audited circulation of over 900k in the top Hispanic newspapers in country.  We have limited advertising space with a premium product and thus seek clients who are looking to gain access to this very distinct and highly relevant target market. Todobebe is unique in that its built a solid reputation focused on providing the best information for moms and by moms.  When moms are happy and healthy, so are their babies and children.

Portada: In what ways does Hispanic parenting media/advertising differ from general market parenting media/advertising?

Cynthia Nelson: I think that while there are parallels, the Hispanic parenting market is an even more vibrant family environment….babies and children are the center point of any Hispanic family. Hispanics over index in every major category regarding purchases. It’s an $80 billion dollar market in purchases made for the 0-5 market – and this is just Hispanic! The birth of a baby is a central point of celebration for Hispanic families – there are many parties and holidays where children play a key role.  Hispanics want the best for their children and turn to trusted brands that deliver.  They are both brand conscious, and also brand loyal. Todobebe is truly in the sweet spot of this market.  We are the only multi-media content producer with a direct connection to this consumer across integrated mediums (TV, radio, digital, print, events, products).

Portada: How do you address good parenting tactics and give advice in a way that is accessible to Hispanic parents of widely-ranging household incomes?

Cynthia Nelson: I think that the most important thing to reiterate is that parents want to be good parents. We help by making things easy, simplifying ideas and dissecting complex topics into practical tips for every parent regardless of income or socioeconomic status.  For example, we leverage our other mediums like our forms in to look for key topics that are of interest or that our parents are talking or asking questions about.  We then use our team of psychologists and doctors to help develop content that gets the message across in a simple but effective manner.