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Targeting the Hispanic Community in Columbus, Ohio

A look at how The Columbus Post Dispatch reaches out to Hispanic readers through Fronteras and other vehicles.


The Columbus Post Dispatch (circulation 352,000)  is the main newspaper in Columbus, Ohio (population 730,000) and during the last years has tried to reach the state’s Hispanic community in various ways. Two thirds of the state’s Hispanics (approx. 75,000) live in Columbus, says Stephanie Czekalinksi, Editorial Coordinator of Fronteras, the Spanish-language publication that is the Dispatch’s main vehicle targeting Hispanic readers.

Czekalinski explains that Fronteras started publication in September 2005. It is now published every Wednesday with a regular page count of 32. The eight pages of local editorial are produced by a staff of three writers that Fronteras splits up with other media properties of  The Columbus Dispatch. The articles address the needs of Columbus’ Hispanic population which have a strong Puerto Rican influence.

Syndicated Content

The remaining 24 pages are syndicated content sent by the Fronteras team in Mexico. Fronteras, a 100% Spanish-language weekly newspaper, combines national and world news with customized local news and information. Eight pages are allocated for national and local ads, which are sold by each partner publication. Fronteras is co-produced by Universal Press Syndicate and Danilo Black and distributed by partner newspapers. Fronteras' editorial offices are located in Guanajuato (Mexico). Fronteras is currently published in 22 markets (mostly small and medium sized markets).

Planned Increase of Local Coverage

Next year Czekalinski wants to increase local coverage from the current 6 pages to 12 pages. For that to happen the current Edit/Advertising ratio (80/20) needs to change a bit in favor of more advertising.

Fronteras has a weekly circulation of 10,900. It is distributed at 400 points throughout Columbus (retail stores, entertainment venues and street racks). According to Czekalinski, the pick up rate is 80% to 90%. In addition, the publication is inserted into some copies of The Columbus Post Dispatch (often together with sister publication Columbus Alive).

The Dispatch also has a Spanish-language website called Dispatch Espanol, where the content of the Fronteras weekly edition is put online.

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