Targeting teens with a new magazine

In early 2006, there will be a new English-language teen magazine targeting the nation's Hispanic juniors and seniors. Launched by Bill Jenkins, the yet to be named publication will seek to reach one million Hispanic juniors and seniors at the nations public high schools. The publication will be primarily career and education oriented, while maintaining the look and feel of the typical teen lifestyle magazine.
According to Publisher Bill Jenkins, the magazine will have a 20-30% advertorial component. A typical story might profile a prominent Latino scientist working with microchips, which would be accompanied by a full-page ad for Microsoft, for example. The publication will be produced in conjunction with educators, which Jenkins views as crucial to the magazine's success. As for distribution, Jenkins explains that "issues will be distributed with approval of school district superintendents, and distributed in a way that would be auditable."
This quantifiable distribution method would obviously be of great importance to potential advertisers. Mr. Jenkins envisions that this would be valuable recruitment tool for colleges and universities and for various government organizations, such as the Army, Navy, Department of Labor, State, etc., to communicate their various messages.
Typical teen magazine advertisers, such as retail and skin-care products should find this a natural venue for them as well.