Targeting advertisers North and South of the Border

Hispanic newspaper publishers, particularly from the Southern and Southwestern U.S., are targeting Mexican advertisers on both sides of the border. Even though advertising agencies are usually located in the U.S. (e.g. most Bimbo brands have ad agencies in Dallas), marketing executives are often based in Mexico. Rumbo, the Texas based newspaper network published by Meximerica Media, recently hired a new executive to market its brand in Mexico. It makes sense that U.S. newspaper and magazine publishers are courting Mexican advertisers since a majority of the almost 44 million Hispanics living in the U.S. is Mexican. Marketing research shows that about 30 percent of large Mexican advertisers target U.S. Hispanics. Despite the plethora of media vehicles available in the U.S., most Mexican companies focus on TV and radio. However, English-speaking Latinos with higher literacy rates and greater purchasing power may be more effectively targeted through print media (see “Mexican advertisers adjust their messages to reach U.S. Hispanics,” page 8, Portada® No. 11, September/October 2004).